Why you shouldn’t care about global warming

Recently, I was watching some new series of shows on Showtime relating to climate change entitled Years of Living Dangerously. It’s a pretty depressing conduit of fear driven media regarding whether or not one should be concerned with global warming.

The take away from this show and many others is that we are influencing the climate dramatically. And also that climate shifts are also a regular occurence due to the cycles of solar activity and natural planetary events. But what I found interesting is the presumption that humans can alter, change and reduce this activity. In the end they encourage us to recycle, re-use materials for building and leave a smaller “carbon footprint” by walking or bicycling to work or buying hybrid cars and such nonsense. And as one commentator noted, ” The genie has been let out of the bottle, it won’t go back in.” (in reference to the last century’s explosion of world luxury, comfort and the sense of entitlement by middle class people)

All these people dance around the one simple fact of why our planet is in peril and our existence as a species ( and other species) may be in danger.


The planet has nearly doubled in occupants since I was 18. Almost a third of these occupants can be found in India and China, ironically two of the shittiest places on earth to be born into and live.

There are too many humans on the planet. These humans and their demands for comfort, luxury, new materials and convenient ways to travel have fed the corporations that mine the planet for resources like oil, coal, metal ores, trees for building supplies and furniture and whatever else we can consume.

Too many people are breeding. Stupid, uneducated, skill less people are being birthed every second. It’s bad enough dumbfucks in United States of Dumbfuckistan are breeding. Countless people who think they can parent are freely fucking and spitting out spawn that will grow up to be fat, entitled, know-it-alls who do nothing; “special snowflakes” who think they are actually contributing to society. I can think of two people I know who have children with more than one person- one has 4 with two daddys and the other has three with three mommas. Fucking dumb.

What can be done about global warming? Here’s a start-

1. Every female between 16-35, who isn’t planning on raising a child AS A PROPER PARENT should be on birth control. Make it mandatory, like the draft. Once you hit 16, off to the doctors for an IUD implant.

2. No more exemptions for having children. And when you have one, it’s a $10 k fine put on your credit file to be paid ASAP. There is interest charged for late payment, kind of like the IRS does.

3. Guys should seriously consider getting snipped at 16. If in the future you decide you want to have children, you will really think about it before you subject yourself to having your nuts hurt for a week.

4. No pets as substitute children. That is just gay.

5. All women should practice the art of swallowing cum and engaging in anal sex. If a woman refuses to get an IUD, her pussy should be sewn shut and she can have all the anal sex she wants.

6. Parents should drop off their kids at a park 20 miles away in the afternoon at 2pm. Whomever finds their way back in time for dinner at 8pm has earned the right to continue living. The rest who don’t make it, I’m sure there are terrorist groups looking for “couriers”.

7. Have earthquake parties. Whenever a huge earthquake hits anywhere around the world, host a party. Same thing goes for volcanoes.

8. Stop send humanitarian aid to other countries. Period. Let them fend for themselves. If all you can do is sew Nike sneakers together, you’re not pulling your weight.

9. Don’t educate your children about HIV, Hep C or flesh eating bacteria. Encourage your children to play with wild birds from Asia.

10. Kill yourself. Seriously, what have you done that has made life on earth a joy for you or others? Yeah, I thought so.

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  2. Overpopulation is a blue pill farce. All studies have pointed to a population peak, but demographics point to a decline that will follow in coming years. Westerners especially cannot afford to depopulate.

      • I may be late coming to the party, but every single country that has achieved a western level of industrialization and education has wound up with negative population growth. Presumably because in western style countries, people realize that more children equal less wealth, not more. The only reason the U.S. continues to grow is because of immigration, both legal and illegal.

        European countries that are strongly anti-immigrant are desperately seeking solutions to the projected population decline. With no-one proposing anything useful.

        Third world countries aren’t there yet, but the shift can happen extremely rapidly. I understand some countries have seen shift from 7 births per woman to 1.5 births in a single generation.

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