Why I dropped the gym and ran for the hills

I apologize for the infrequent posts this year. I had three major moves I made in the beginning of the year and that has taken a bulk of my attention.

First, I started a new company and have been giving that a majority of my focus. Second, I entered a relationship in April that has been very good as the girl holds many of the same values as I do in terms of earning money, creating value in ones life and blazing your own trail, damned what anybody thinks.

Thirdly, and the most important, I moved out of the city to a location that gives me what I had been missing- peace and relative quiet while still being near the things I need to get to. I’m 1o min from the beach and 1o min in the other direction to whatever stores I need. The rest of the time, If I’m not working with my new startup, I’m home finishing my book and fleshing out a TV series I’d like to pitch next year.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Living in the city for the last three years and having my gym within a four minute walk was great. Until I got bored with seeing the same faces all the time. Waiting for equipment as some 17 yo does sets with his buddy and both use bad form. Realizing that there were only three pieces of equipment I really wanted to use while the rest of my routine could be done at home or outside. Got sick of the crazy drivers, the traffic, and going to the same places. I really think the energy in the city makes people insane. Constant noise, children screaming in my complex, break-ins and sirens from cruisers, fire trucks and ambulances. Not to mention the constant traffic delays when POTUS orĀ  some lying politician is in town begging for special interest money (while telling America they will not cow to special interest groups. But I digress.)

I finally moved to a place that reminds me of when I was living in France. But the nearest gym was 5 miles away and guess what, good buddy? Yeah, we’re a Premiere gym so your membership won’t work here unless you pay an extra $ 20 a month. If not, you got to go to the other gym that’s 9 miles away. I’m not driving 18 miles round trip (and in fucking traffic) to use a rowing machine, a dry sauna and the lap pool you DON’T have! (That is 15 miles away)

So I freeze the account and decide to do my workouts in the mountains. I live right next door to a state park with miles of trails. One goes 9 miles to the ocean from my house with plenty of off shoots.

So for the last two months, I haven’t set foot in a gym. I hike three times a week when I have a two or three hours. Or I’ll do HIIT sprints up a hill. There is a corral for horses at one trial junction so I can peel out chin ups. At home, I’ll do grinder workouts, supersets, calisthenics, push ups, I use resistance bands. I’m done within 25 minutes. Then I go on with my day.

And I couldn’t be happier. There is something about being outdoors with the fresh air, sun, animals, quiet. You can think. No need to put ear buds on because you’re not going to run into someone you don’t want to talk to or over hear some insane conversation like the ones I used to hear at Runyon Canyon.

I’m happier. My food intake has actually dropped. I eat twice a day. I don’t miss the weights, the stinky locker rooms, the grunts doing pulldowns with a fucking weight belt on.

I recommend hiking. It’s a natural movement that really changes your body. Sometimes, I’ll throw on a 45 lb back pack and do a load bearing hike.

If you have a park or hills nearby, use them. Get out of the gym environment. The fucking fluorescent lights are enough to make you depressed. All the talk of carbs and protein and other nonsense- GONE.

I’ve dropped 7 lbs since I came here.

Run for the hills.

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