Why I don’t bleed for the world

Have you noticed how the news media makes you feel that you have to care about every disaster, plane crash, genocide, terrorist attack or miscarriage of justice? And the reality is, that all they do is offer talking heads who sit in air conditioned production rooms offering their 2 cents about why such-n- such is happening and who is responsible for not giving a shit.

I don’t bleed for anything I see on TV. It’s not that I have no empathy but rather because these ‘issues’ don’t affect my day to day life.

I don’t care about equal rights because I’m a man and men built this world. I don’t care about racial prejudice because I’m white. I don’t care about trans gender equality because I’m born a man, love fucking women and do not wish to live as a woman. I don’t care about gay rights because I’m heterosexual. Until I lose a job because I prefer fucking women instead of men, I don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit about education for all because when I was in school I took advantage of most of the education that was available to me. And I have always had an inclination to expand my world so I took it upon myself to learn about the things I had an interest in.

I don’t care about earthquakes. I lived through the ’94 Northridge quake; two miles from the epicenter. We got through it. While there were many people who were probably concerned about ‘us’, we did what we had to do and moved on. I don’t care about tornadoes, nuclear meltdowns, sunk ships or volcanoes. Until I experience it personally, I don’t care. If I do, and I survive, I’ll pick up whatever pieces left and carry on.

Do you want to know why I don’t care?

Because it is unnatural to be aware of events happening half a world away. It’s not something our brains can comprehend. Knowing whats happening 12k miles away is out of our realm of necessary knowledge. The necessary knowledge that we need to survive day to day has always been within a close proximity to where we call home.

Up until the invention of the telegraph (then telephone, radio and TV), we got our news from the immediate area. For thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years, we have been tribal. We are a tribal species at the core. Tribes became alliances became armies became nations. For the few who dared to travel and seek new lands to trade or conquer, the better part of the remaining stayed home to tend to families, crops, livestock and defense against other marauding tribes. Life for most (living in inhospitable terrain and conditions) was about survival. News from afar was mostly about politics and church affairs. Most could not read or write. They weren’t concerned with what was happening outside there immediate world.

It wasn’t until the development of 24 hour news channels and the theatrics of news channels now to retain viewers so they can charge more from advertisers ( because the eyes never leave the channel) that you, the viewer, were now being asked to ‘care’ about something you would never have known about unless it happened right in your neck of the woods. You, the viewer, are asked to have an opinion, or to at least agree with “Isn’t this terrible/How could this have happened/ What do we do about it now?”

And they get you because, frankly, you’re not a sociopath.

And that’s where it should end. Feel empathy, take a moment to thank your lucky whatever you don’t have to deal with whatever is going on, and then move on.

Don’t ask me to bleed.

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