What’s in your “go-bag”?

go bag This is my “go bag”. I take it with me whenever I drive more than 5 miles from my home. It is a 72 hour kit for 4 people that I purchased and put into a used back pack that I had for years. I carry some small denomination cash in it as well.

My previous post about the importance of having a GO bag for whatever disaster strikes is made even more crucial when you read Cade Courtley’s book entitledĀ  SEAL Survival Guide: A Navy SEAL’s Secret to Surviving Any Disaster

You can buy it by clicking below

What makes Cade’s book timely is the simple fact that major cities will be the target of a chemical/nuclear/biological attack in the near future by some anti American state or group. I hope it never happens but I’m prepared anyway for whatever comes.

He covers this in his book with practical and applied knowledge coming from his years in training and in the teams.

This is an extremely important title to have in your library of books. I highly recommend you buy it, read it and re-read it.

You can get a kit below if you don’t have one yet.

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