We are the New Slaves

I’ve been in the midst of a lot of reading and reflection lately and one of the things that has been on my mind are the parallels of behaviors in society throughout the history of men. While there are many seemingly new “things” that we enjoy in our modern times, I find that, at the core, there are manipulations and behavioral control that are still wielded by the ones in control that mirror the past.

This is not a “conspiracy” diatribe. This is the result of critical thinking and the acceptance that the way the world runs has not changed drastically over thousands of years and that those who have been given the reins to control nations and markets have only their own agenda at heart. The individual rights of people, in general, have been viewed as an obstacle to creating more wealth and power for those who have been born into it. They are called and labeled by many names-some with dark and spooky connotations ; Illumanati, CFR, the Bilderberg Group, the Vatican, Bohemian Grove, etc, etc. At the end of the day, they are simply this- people born into privilege, whose power is cemented by marriages to other old money families, bloodlines going back hundreds of years and the collusion of the political class with the captains of industry. Friends and foes in the oldest and most elite universities in England and it’s sister state America grow up and inevitably socialize in the same circles while they head corporations and/or military-industrial entities. While they may like or despise each other on a personal level, the bottom line is if there is a way to make money together, they will find a way.

Anyone who would not believe this would deny written and revealed history from better writers than myself. You cannot call yourself a student of history if you believe the “history” taught in the public (state-run) school system in the United States.

If you were a young fresh faced kid just learning about the “manosphere” and this was the first post you ever read, I would tell you this. Everything, EVERYTHING, that happens in the global arena- from wars, conflicts, public policy, laws, “news” that is delivered to your TV, computer and mobile device, TV and film entertainment, the arts, religion, social issues such human rights/ animal rights/ transgender rights/ planet rights/ economic rights- whatever “rights” are thrown in your face, EVERYTHING serves to benefit those who bestow us the “privilege” of consuming it or forming an opinion about some perceived “wrong” done by others. It serves them to create fear, division and the notion that you cannot survive without the state. Even to the point where your life and the lives of the people who mean the most to you will be severely upended and made to suffer if one does not agree with the “right side” of a social issue, the international policy of the sitting White house administration or the economic “bill of health” that the government tells you is fact.

Throughout history, there have been the elite ruling class (royal bloodlines and powerful religious leaders) a small middle class (merchants, artisans, doctors, practitioners of law, men of science and craftsman in various trades) and the remaining masses-a huge lower class made up of peasants, serfs, slaves, people who could only farm, fight and be workers for those with land or wealth. People bound legally, economically, socially or by lack of intellectual prowess to the lower rungs of society. Many could not fathom or even entertain the thought of their lives being anything other than what it was. In the end they were forced to either swear allegiance to their respective King or Queen in hopes that they would be rewarded for their loyalty or they tried to take their families to other parts of the world that demanded less of their time or portions of their labor.

Today, we face the same situation. One of the biggest chains of “slavery” is economic slavery. The constant devaluation and overvaluation of the fiat currency, housing, goods, commodities, labor and global market investment ponzi schemes that we see happening at an alarming rate. All the while, when the cycle starts again, we hear the people in power promise that “this time it will be different.” As the housing market in some areas is growing again, once again we are told that now is the time to buy “that American dream.” Some will have forgotten the 2008 collapse and the reasons why it came about. And they are doomed to repeat the same mistake.

As corporations are laying off hundreds of thousands of skilled workers, replacing them with the cheap labor of foreign markets, we are told that new jobs are being created and unemployment is going down. Ironically, Congress has passed a bill to further extend jobless benefits to those out of work. Wages are lower. Full time positions are fewer than before. Small business owners with employees fewer than 50 are finding it near impossible to continue to operate at a profit while fulfilling the requirements, taxes and fees the state puts on them in order to stay in business. But still, people will parrot what the government says as if saying it enough times will make it true. Meanwhile those of us who see the facts know otherwise and are not drinking the kool aid.

Another course of slavery is the deliberate dumbing down of our capacity for intellectual thinking- seeking to examine the real and root causes of many of our social ills. The corporations that own and deliver “news”/political policy/social propaganda and “entertainment” are bedfellows with those who wish to shape and manipulate public sentiment either towards or away from an environment where they can make more money. For many, their lives are a constant struggle to stay afloat. Many are a paycheck away from homelessness- either because the cost of living rises disproportionally to wages or the ease in which credit is misused and abused in the pursuit of the “American dream” or because many have not been educated by their own parents (or God forbid) the education system in the proper way to approach the cash in/ cash out principles of basic business. Higher tax rates and bankrupt municipalities should demonstrate to the discerning individual how the taxpayer is truly looked upon as- a source of never ending revenue for the state. Yet, more people will apply for college loans in fields that bear no real value to the progress of society. More people will major in literature than science, technology, engineering and mathematics- the true fields that provide economic growth. Fields that require rigorous psychic focus are too much for many to ask themselves to commit to.

Our new found discovery of how to deliver mundane and useless content via the internet along with replacing real social interaction with “social media” has led us down a path where the validation from others on how clever, funny, insightful, angry, how ‘right’ our opinion is or how wonderful our lives seem to be has more value to us than just being present. Instead of working towards something that we would like to accomplish as a personal victory, we are dragged into trivial political/ social debates online.  We are constantly time traveling- either thinking of the past or fretting about the future- instead of just being. We are so tired and drained at the end of the day that we are inclined to just sit in front of a TV for a couple hours and forget how hard our life is- or how we’ve lost control over our lives. That thought alone causes many to drink and escape through drugs and useless activities. Kick ball league anyone?

We are confused because we say that we can “be anything we want to be” but discourage those who go against the norm. We say that our freedom of speech is important but deride others who don’t share our opinions. ‘ “Yes, people should be able to go and find work to support their families but we need to stop illegal immigration” ‘. Lest we forget, this country was founded by illegal immigrants.

We speak and say things out of one corner of our mouths while saying something different out of the other corner. As much as we RP believers would like to think we’re free, we are actually slaves as well. Some to a lesser degree than others but we are slaves. We are involved with the useless debate of this point or that point. The debate really comes down to “Should one accept the herd mentality or dare to think for themselves?” If you are not happy with your life, who’s to tell you you can’t change it or have the right to change what doesn’t work for you?

The point, I believe, of the various bloggers that dispel red pill alternatives is not to convince others “to come to our side” but rather to help open up others eyes to a different approach to living their lives. We will never win the hearts of many; for it is what it is. Many will never seek to be anything other than what they are. And they will have missed out on the full capacity as humans to be individuals, rather than fantasizing about being someone else.

Our job is to show them what is available to them- a different way of looking at things so that they can feel more in control and less reactive to the crazy shit humans do en masse. No one man can be an island unto his own BUT a man can be the captain of his own ship. All advice found here is offered as an option- and as I was unhappy with certain things throughout my life and looked for ways to change- I now offer my insights to others. Is my way the “right way”? No, but it worked for me and maybe it can work for someone else. But I have also found that for me, I have more of a sense of self and feel less compelled to react to things that do not really affect my day to day life. One can project into the future what will or will not happen but as of this moment, no one knows shit.

All I know is that in this moment, I feel free…..for a slave.







4 comments on “We are the New Slaves

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  2. Great post. Borderline depressing depending on your mindset. I’ve had this discussion a few times about whether it’s better to live in blissful ignorance of the prison around you or to carry the heavy weight of the truth. And I’ve never found a satisfactory answer except that it goes against something in my core to slip into bliss.

    Phenomenal post and fuck you and your brutal honesty.

    • Hey, somehow I missed your comment. Thanks for leaving it LL, I can only try and share some little insight with like minded brothers.

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