Training a woman’s hamster mind

I have to be honest. I’m really amazed at how my shift in recent years has given me some extraordinary clarity and a less stressful life. Along with adopting a minimalistic approach to spending frivolously, the pursuit of material possessions, trying to adapt to the frame that society says you should conform to and pushing myself to be constantly improving mentally and physically, the most success I’ve had is with my handling of women that I am intimate with.

This became apparent Thursday night when I text “S” to meet me for a drink and a bite. I hadn’t seen her in two weeks (on purpose) so she jumped at the chance and drove 35 miles from her home to meet me.

When she arrived I ordered a beer and a shot of Bulleit bourbon neat for myself and asked her what she wanted.

“Margarita”, she replied.

“You really want to go down that road?”, I replied, knowing that after two of these she would be buzzed and I didn’t want her driving home and risking getting pulled over. “Why don’t you order a beer instead?” I offered.

“Beer makes me fat,” was her comeback. “No, you not working out enough makes you fat,” I countered. She laughed and ordered a beer. I continued, “If you really want to lose those 20 lbs you’ve been complaining about, I can give you the T25 program on a flash drive. I gave it to this girl 4 months ago and she lost weight. She’s fucking hot now.” I actually never did that but her brain picked up on the image of me banging this chick.

“Is this one of your 23 other girls?” she asked. When we met in October, I flippantly said I was seeing 23 girls and she was number 24. I just smiled at her when she asked that. “Whatever,” she added, “A little competition is good I guess.” Ah, competition in woman’s mind is a hamster’s dream.

Five guys next to us are checking her out and eavesdropping on our conversation but trying to act as if they’re not.

I bring up a topic we discussed two weeks prior. “So, who is on your short list of girls for our threesome?” She laughs and goes on to tell me of this girl who she knows that is primarily lesbian but has been with guys before. “Cool, lets get that going soon,” I reply. The guys are dumbfounded. For the record, this girl is bisexual and has been with girls since she was fourteen.

I pull venue change and close out the tab telling her we are going across the street for some Argentinian food. She doesn’t know what that is but says she is only eating salads recently. “Great, cheap date!” I laugh. “You’re terrible,” she laughs again. We walk out and head across the street.

More conversation as we enter the restaurant. The host (who’s cute) asks us if we want inside or outside. “Thank god you’re cute because I would have been offended otherwise at such a suggestive question,” I said smiling. She smiles big as she takes us outside. “Oh my god, you never stop, do you?”, my girl says. I smile. “Nope.”

Through dinner she says, “So what’s your deal?” I ask “In reference to what?”.

“All the people I have asked about you have said you’re arrogant and I tell them that you really are a nice, funny guy who is sweet. I defend you. Then my other friend says, ‘He’s X years old, never been married and doesn’t have kids-there is something wrong with him.’ ”

I tell her (again) that marriage is for raising children and I don’t want any. I also add, “All a marriage is now is asking permission from the government for the right to marry. It’s not about true love. If you truly love someone, then you don’t need a “marriage”, you just stay with that person. You’ve been married twice and look what shit you went through.” She nods her head in agreement and says, “Yeah, you’re right. I don’t believe in marriage anymore.”

“If you applied what happens when a marriage dissolves to a situation where two businesses had merged together, every lawyer involved with that deal, on both sides, would fucking laugh at the terms. Most women marry in order to be taken care of but you strike me as someone who can take of herself, so why did you get married?”, I query.

“I don’t know,” she replies.

“Now, do you think there is something wrong with me because I’m clear about how I see that it doesn’t work for what I want in life?”, I ask her again.

“No”, she answers as she leans in to kiss me. “I just can’t figure you out, that’s all.”

Topics like how I pull away after getting close to her, not replying to texts on a daily basis, not bringing her to my house, the other girls I’m seeing (which is actually only 5 but she doesn’t know that), seeing her every couple of weeks all come up. I just smile and ask her why these are problems. She can’t answer. I ask for for examples. She can’t answer. She is so emotionally rattled because she can’t figure me out.

And I know this. I have purposely been aloof with her. I unapologetically present myself as if I can take her or leave her. It’s her choice. I do what I like as long as I don’t purposely hurt her. I don’t give her too much information about my day to day business. And to be clear, I have freely shared my background with her- my upbringing, funny stories of ┬áme doing some goofy shit, how I was growing up, music I like, books I read, etc, etc. For her to be with a guy that flirts right in front of her with other women, freely speaks about sex that I’ve had with other women, the things I find sexy in other women just blows her mind.

Because I know when a women thinks she has you figured out, she loses interest and moves on. I’m sure this will happen and it will have nothing to do with me. As long as I bang her well, be a fun guy to be around, be sincere and engage in activities that most other guys don’t really do-she will accept me and take advantage of her time with this guy ‘she can’t figure out’. She is run by her emotional hamster while I try and come from a logical and somewhat animal brain.

Said a different way, not all women respond this way and I don’t waste my time on hard nuts to crack. I find the cracked nuts to crack open.

Anyway, I’m not bragging because a few years ago I wouldn’t have been this aloof and to this degree. I would have worried about trying to respond to the crazy hamster- dancing to the hamster’s crazy behavior. Now I just don’t give a fuck. There are so many chicks out there, I see no reason not to be authentic nowadays.

Afterwards, I drove her up to a place overlooking the city, drove into a park area that’s closed off at night but for some reason the gate was open and banged her on the hood of my car while looking out over the city.

She thanked me as I drove her back to her car. “I enjoyed dinner but I really liked dessert”, she smirked as my semen was leaking out of her as she stepped into her car to drive away.

Post script-

-I always make sure girls I’m banging are on IUD’s. I’m thinking of getting snipped this year but until then IUD’s are my friend.

-I never allow women to know exactly where I live. Thankfully I live in a gated community that confuses many of my friends when they visit due to its size and complexity. I prefer to bang them at their place or a hotel. That way I can ALWAYS leave when I want to.

– I even told her that I can only take her in small doses hence the time span between meet ups. Her mouth was agape as I said this. She paused a bit and I said “Hey, you’re the one taking medicine for your “issues” and I like you when you are on point. I don’t want to be around you on your bad days.” She thought for a moment and then concurred. “You are probably right.”

– I purposely get her age wrong or relate stories that didn’t involve her but another girl. This keeps her on her toes by letting her know she’s one of a bunch. Out of all 5, I like her the best but I’ll NEVER tell her that.

– When she says she’s going to get another guy in her rotation, I tell her, “Do it”. I call her on her bluff. I know she has too much on her plate between school, work and family. And she is dick drunk because I bang her the way she likes it-rough. That can all change but I act as if I don’t care. This frustrates women.

– I also send a girl a text as if it’s meant for someone else then tell them ‘Sorry, Ignore that last text’. I did that with her this am and she sent this back. Got to love a dirty girl.

-**10/30 The threesome DID happen and I will write a post about it.













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