Train your weakness first

Many of us think that if we do some celeb workout from a magazine, that we will get the body they have. Or if you train like an MMA star, you will have the stamina and power they have in the ring. Nothing could further from the truth.

In reality, you should be training your weak areas first. If you have high percentage body fat, you should be training to lower it with aerobic activities in a fasted state. If you have limited flexibility, you should be stretching daily, incorporating yoga moves in your regimen. If your shoulders and back make you appear hunched over, you should be training your pushing movements more to balance out. Lung power and stamina is lacking? Incorporate swimming.

What happens with most workouts that are preached about is that they ignore one thing-you. They have no idea who you are and where your weakness lies. So, it’s up to you to be honest and take control of your fitness- not doing someone else’s regimen.

My weakness now that I’m older is gravity pulling at my butt and chest muscles. I fucking hate seeing saggy asses of old men walking by in the locker room at the gym; I vowed early in life not to have that, or at least fight it tooth and nail. Also, thick chest muscles in my thirties along with less skin elasticity, a lifetime of vegetable oils pumped into my body in food products resulting in fatty buildup in the lymph nodes and fucking gravity have made me focus on training my chest better.

So, I concentrate on leg and core movements- squats, lunges, bridges, plyometric jumps, stair climbing to combat SAS (saggy ass syndrome). For the chest, I concentrate on incline presses, dips, upright military presses, flies. I hold contractions longer; move through the negative portion a bit slower- forcing the muscles to work harder, longer without burning out my joints with high repetition sets.

I mix it up- heavy weight/3-5 reps , medium weight 8-10 reps. I’m constantly changing the routine so my body doesn’t know what to expect. Sometimes it’s circuit training- 30 seconds or 60 seconds per movement; sometimes it’s super sets of three consecutive movements for a particular area.

No one knows better than me where I need to improve. I have a healthy amount of vanity to keep me pressing on. Because I train my weakness first, I feel I have a better looking physique. Doing what everyone else is doing will not get me the body I want to carry me around for the next 25 years.

Train your weak points first, then train the stronger areas. You’ll be the best version of you.

How do you train your weakest points?

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