The best words a man can hear

This past Friday I received an email from this very attractive woman I met some months ago who also happens to be a percentage owner in a restaurant I started to frequent. I’ve had business meetings at the restaurant and have also brought in some fine looking women as well to wine and dine. Each time I was there, Aria* (not her real name) would sit down with us, chat a bit and size up the women I was with. The times I was there without a date, she would have a glass or two of wine and very softly flirt with me by asking questions about my dating habits, why I choose to stay unmarried and my thoughts on relationships. She seemed very struck by my answers. This culminated in her kissing me on the mouth one night after closing the restaurant while in front of one of her partners. I picked up on the slip of character from her and put that into my back pocket for future reference.

Fast forward to Friday. She emails me to come to her re-opening of her place. She has food critics coming in and would like to make sure the place is full. She even offers a 30% discount for me on the bill.

Done. I text her a message to her phone, “8pm for 2” and then follow that with “Wear something short”. I send.

I immediately think I’ve made a miscalculation. My first thought is (thanks to the feminist crap that’s been thrown at us)  ‘I may have over stepped my boundaries.’

Fuck it. I’ll apologize later if she mentions it. No reply…..time slows down. I gather my balls and think ‘Well, I learned something from that’. The thing is she’s very attractive, mature, petite and of Asian heritage. I want to bang the bottom out of her pussy.

I call up my primary date and tell her to meet me for dinner at 8pm. I know she’ll be all over me after a glass or two of wine and this should raise my SMV with Aria…perhaps even make her jealous…?

My phone dings. Aria replies, “How short?….See you at 8”. Wow, it’s on! I thank the Gods of Red Pill Men for my faith.

Fast forward to 8pm.

My date arrives, we walk in and Aria greets me with a warm hug. I press my hand in the small of her back and ever so slightly step my right foot between her legs as I hug her, softly pressing my thigh into her crotch. She turns slightly flush as she goes to greet my date. I’m fucking hard. One of these girls is getting fucked tonight; most likely my date.

We sit, order a bottle a Chateau Briot and start talking. My date asked me earlier in a text how many women I was ‘dating’ along with her. My first inclination was to brush it off. Then I thought, “She has a right to know. I’m not hiding it from her and she’s been aware she’s not the only one. And I have nothing to be embarrassed about. Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they fall.” I tell her four and I’m hoping to add two more. She laughs and says I’m a manwhore.

man whore





But a funny thing happens during the conversation. She says, “I’ve been seeing you since Oct and I still can’t figure you out.”

I let that sit. I smile.

Then she starts talking about how she needs to add some men to her roster. She mentions other things during the conversation which are aimed at getting me jealous. I don’t bite. I smile. I agree and amplify. I suggest some mutual friends. The thing is I know how picky she is. Good luck, I think. She says maybe she needs to stop being so picky. I agree and amplify. I tell her she has a lot on her plate with the ex, school and work but if she can fit them in, she should. I give her the smile that tells her, “You know I have options.”

During the two hours I pick up on other verbal passive/aggressive cues. I totally wanted to bang her earlier but I’m losing interest. I act indifferent for the rest of the dinner.

As we wait for the valet to bring our cars, she jokes, “Thanks for dinner, See ya…..I’m just kidding. So where we going?” I give her a hug and a peck. “Not tonight.” Her jaw drops. “No sex tonight?”

“Hey, you got a free dinner.” She smirks. “Well, okay I guess.” she does the pouty face. I smile.

I get into my car and drive away.  An hour later I drop three huge ropes all over the face of girl number 4.


Post Script- “I can’t figure you out” is the best thing a man can hear. It keeps them guessing and if you do your job right, they won’t ask anymore. They’ll just be ready for their turn……


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