The Assbuster workout

Here is another great workout utilizing circuit training as a way of shedding bodyfat.

Using an interval timer app on your smartphone or a GymBoss, set the intervals for 10 sec for moving to the next movement and 50 seconds for the work phase. Repeat for a total of three circuits and then add a 1 mile run on the treadmill or outdoors for time. Aim to lessen your run time each time. Doing this workout three times a week with an added workout of your choice during the week will lower bodyfat, increase strength and leave you feeling pretty jacked.

-goblet squat w/ 35 lb dumbbell

-mountain climbers

-single arm dumbbell swing ( do one arm then the other) w/ 35 lb dumbbell —(Much like a KettleBell swing)


-split jumps

-dumbbell row w/ 35 lb dumbells

-dumbbell side lunge with touch ( the weight touching the floor)

-push ups with row w/ 35 lb dumbbell ( also called the Manmaker)

-dumbbell lunge with rotation

-dumbbell curl with overhead press (35 lb dumbbells)

If you aren’t familiar with these movements, you can find them on YouTube.

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