Dress like a man, not like a boy.

Learn the power of “No.”

Workout hard at least three times a week; four is ideal.

Running is a great way to build stamina and stay lean. Once you can run 20k, do not add more distance. Rather, run at a faster pace.

It is better to own one quality item than three mediocre versions of the item.

If you don’t want to raise kids, get a vasectomy. And don’t tell anyone. Until you need to smack down a paternal charge.

Read books. Non-fiction, fiction, biography, history, etc. Sharpen your mind.

Take everything you hear, read and observe with a grain of salt. You’ll live longer.

Know some history.

Speak intelligently about a few things instead of being a know-it-all.

English is a fantastic language that allows for precise communication. Learn it well.

Learn to speak conversationally in a foreign language. You don’t need to know every word, just the amount to be able to communicate.

Find your creative outlet and practice it daily.

Be patient, calm and cool under duress.

Think before speaking. Think again.

Eat the best quality meat and veggies you can buy. If you can’t buy it, shoot it or grow it.

Your health is your best investment. Mental as well as physical.

Educate yourself. Always be learning. Use what you learn. Discard what doesn’t work for you.

Have an adult relationship with alcohol, drugs and sex.

Have a healthy view of material possessions.

Always save a minimum of 10% of your net pay each time you are paid. Strive for 30%.

Keep your costs as low as possible. Treat your financial life as a corporation would treat its bottom line.

Don’t carry personal debt.

Look at the areas in your life where your commitments are not servicing the life you really want and then change them.

Eliminate dead weight- unhealthy relationships, things you no longer use and clothes you no longer wear.

Live within your means.

Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.

Whatever you want to purchase, always think of the TCO (total cost output) first, then decide accordingly.

Drink the best quality booze.

When you gift your buddies, make it something undeniably masculine.

Never discuss politics, unless you’re running for office. Otherwise, it’s a losing battle.

Relationships should always have a give and take rhythm.

Learn and maintain social etiquette.

Travel often and see the world. Get off the beaten path. Be a traveler, not a tourist.

Unless you can afford to and think about it all the time, don’t have children.

Marriage is not for everyone. Mostly.

Same goes for pets.

Manage your time spent online.

Pornography is a means to an end. Not the end itself.

Masturbation kills your natural sex drive. Use it sparingly.

Limit TV watching. Find two or three shows that absolutely enhance your life and keep it at that. Use the rest of the time to better yourself.

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