Surgery or no surgery?-Getting rid of moobs

Surgeries are on the upswing for men suffering from gynecomastia or excess fatty tissue in their chests. With the average cost being $6-10k for these procedures, many insurance companies do not even cover the cost and are forcing most men to have to pony up the money out of their own pocket.

In an earlier post, I wrote about what were the leading causes for this condition. While I mentioned that there were trace amounts of hormones in the water supply, the truth of the matter is that there are huge amounts of other endocrine disrupting compounds that are making their way into our municipal water supply through other sources. All these produce an overload on our liver, endocrine and lymphatic systems and because of this, the lymph glands behind the nipple area in the chests of men begin to collect fat as a result of this imbalance.

Before you consider surgery, there are steps you have to take in order to really make sure that one) it’s the best solution for you and two) you will not have to have surgery again in a few years. I personally know a young good looking guy who had surgery twice within 8 years. One was liposuction and the final procedure removed his glands altogether. And he was a fairly fit guy who even modeled part time.

First and foremost, YOU HAVE TO LOSE BODYFAT! I know that’s not what you want to hear but its the God’s honest truth.

If you look at any of the before and after pictures on the web sites of surgery centers you will see that many of these patients are NOT LEAN! Many are either skinny fat or still carrying body fat in the high double digits. And no amount of surgery is going to help these guys to have a good looking chest.

How do you lose bodyfat quickly? Do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. Just coffee or green tea. If you add MCT oil to your coffee like me, I would skip this on the days you are doing cardio. Either HIIT utilizing running, sprinting, hiking, spinning or even swimming- all these activities will elevate your heart and put you in the fat burning zone. By the way,you don’t really ‘burn’ fat, you actually get the fat cell to release free fatty acids into the bloodstream so the body can use it for energy.

This is the most important aspect of losing body fat! I know many others promote resistance training as a way to burn fat. I don’t believe it to be the most effective. I see many obese people doing resistance exercise who are still fat (in addition to not greatly reducing the calories they take in). The truth is that they are not doing enough cardio exercise.No amount of muscle is going to show underneath all that fat. Any muscle that you may add over a years time (1 or 3 lbs) is not going to significantly alter your metabolism the way cardio intense exercise does. Period.
You should still resistance train, but until you are around 12 % bodyfat, you should focus more on cardio. ( You can weight train in the afternoon during your lunch break or after work.) And don’t be whiner about being too tired! I can’t think of any time when I was tired and not looking forward to working out when I left the gym after feeling worse! Never happened!


Everyday 3-4 liters a day and  4-6 in the summer months or in regions that are hot and muggy. You have to give your body the means to flush out toxins on a cellular level. Take a magnesium and potassium supplement as well.Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.33.11 PM





You should know that already. Most canned foods are high in sodium. You can add salt to your food as its prepared. And don’t be afraid of iodized salt. You need iodine. You can still use sea salt as well.


Concentrate on broccoli, cauliflower brussel sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables. Make these your mainstay. you can eat others but make these 80% of you veggie consumption.


Many people don’t even walk 3k steps a day. If it means getting up earlier everyday to walk an hour, do it! Once you have those out of the way, all extra steps are just helping you lose fat. A few years ago I took a 3 month trip through Europe. I hardly ever exercised during that trip in the form of resistance training. But I walked ALOT. When I was on the french beaches for holiday, someone I was with snapped a picture of me and I was amazed at how lean I was despite not getting to do resistance exercise that often.


We eat too many calories a day period. That is why we are always fighting fat uptake. A month ago did a DEXA scan and according to that test I needed a minimum 2k calories a day to maintain my present condition. What it doesn’t take into account was that my lean body mass was 168 lbs and I was carrying 36 lbs of fat ( I was 2% up from my last DEXA scan of 14%) If I consume a minimum of 2k calories a day, guess what? I’m going to be looking quite the same in a few months . You can live on much lower calories than that. While on my trip, I had espresso and a croissant most mornings, a salad at lunch with wine and a fixed price meal at night with wine or a couple of beers. I was the leanest I was in a while still maintaining my lean muscle mass.I still had an athletic look ( and I could fit in clothes which I was having trouble doing because of the heavy weight training I was doing prior to the trip.)


Unless you are trying to compete in a ‘body building event or want to add “20 lbs of muscle, Bro!” for god knows what reasons, most guys can consume 40-60 grams a day and still be perfectly fine and healthy while maintaining lean muscle mass.



No cottage cheese, no cream, no yogurt. You can find unpasteurized goat and sheep cheeses in most good grocery stores and you can consume that in reasonable amounts (think french)


Even though I was eating baguette sandwiches occasionally for lunch in Europe, the bread there is made more simply and the water had a lot to do with the quality of the bread. A baguette would typically have the same amount of calories as two slices of bread in America. Don’t believe me? Most slices of bread are 80-150 calories per slice!


I know this goes against Tim Ferris’s 4 hour body but the facts is that lignans are not your friend at all. The same with flaxseed oil. Anything with large amount of lignans is going to make your situation worse. Unfortunately, I love real peanut butter and this was the hardest thing to let go.

There are a lot of supplements touted as beneficial that really don’t make a difference. Stinging nettle root, flaxseed, DIM, tumeric concoctions. They do little. The best results will be from exercise.


Doing chest exercise makes it worse. Unless you’ve never lifted in you life, chances are your pectorals are probably developed enough. Where most guys have failed is by ignoring upper chest, shoulder and  trap development. When you lift, focus on above the head presses, shoulder raises and trap development. These will help shore up the upper body better and provide a balanced overall look that will bring the focus towards your shoulders and face.

If you follow these actions and get your bodyfat below 10%, you will be in a better position to decide whether or not you will go forward with surgery. But don’t consider it until you EXHAUSTED ALL THESE STEPS!


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