Summer is here-Leaning out the right way

So, summer has arrived and now we are looking at putting the final touches on the body we’ve been in the gym working on.

How can you push yourself to get even better?

Here are some simple tips to get there.

1) Drop the dairy. You shouldn’t be consuming products made from cow’s milk (goat milk actually goes much better with our digestive systems). Cow dairy creates mucus in our bodies. You don’t need the protein or casein as much as you think. Unless your shooting steroids and triple stacking them AND training like a bull, you don’t need it. You can get it from other sources.

2) Eat high water content foods like melons, leafy green vegetables and colored veggies as well. If you choose to eat fruit, eat it only with itself and don’t mix them. Eat one fruit group at a sitting. Combining foods is one of the biggest culprits in bloating and indigestion. More on that later.

2) Water, water, water. Water is what the body needs to get rid of the waste on a cellular level and beyond. It allows you to sweat out cooked oils, animal fats and other binders that are in our food supply.

3) Reduce mixed alcoholic drinks. If you drink alcohol, make it high quality liquor with ice. You’ll drink less (hopefully) without all the added sugar from mixers. Rum, tequila, whiskey, vodka are better alone with ice than with mixers. Beer will bloat you and wine can have too much sugar, especially if you drink white zin or ros√© wine.

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 8.22.45 AM

Henry Cavill relied on circuit training to lean out for Immortals.

4) Circuit train. Sprint. High intensity training will burn more calories in the long run as you ramp up your metabolism than typical body building routines.

5) Run first thing in the morning then wait 60 minutes before you eat. Resistance exercise in the afternoon also boosts the metabolism. Do a circuit of pullups, dips, squats, leg raises and pushups to failure. Repeat two more times with a 2-3 minute recovery in-between circuits.

6) Grab some sun. You only need 20 minutes to effect a change in your color. Don’t go over 60 minutes. Wear block and use shade intermittently if staying out for longer exposures.

7) Salads are your friend. Lunch and dinner. Seriously, lower caloric intake and  fresh live energy producing foods will beat out sandwiches any day.

8) Reduce land based meat. Yes, even the organic grass fed beef you love. Eat fresh caught fish at least once a week and save the steak for once every two weeks. Same thing with cheat meals/days; make it once every two weeks.

9) Train those legs. Body weight squats, stair sprints, jump squats, Tabata sprints up hills. Helps boost your bio-testosterone and HGH production.

10) Drop the nagging girlfriend. If you two haven’t been happy in two months, time to move on. You’ll both feel better. There is no reason to stay in a joyless union just because you think you have to make it work. It shouldn’t be that hard. Move on.

P.S. There is mounting evidence that food combining is a culprit in our battle to maintain proper height/weight ratio. If you struggle, try eating only one type of food at a time. Having fish? Eat only fish; no sides, not even veggies. Eating steak? Have only steak. Veggies? Eat only veggies. Get it? Good. Now try it for this summer.

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