Slow your roll

So, I have this 23 year old I’ve been banging for a year. And it’s the best sex I’ve had in 15 years. Fortunately for me she’s one in a rotation of five. Had she been the only one, I’d have cracked.

I’ve put her on probation. To give you some context, here’s the back story. On about four occasions, we had made plans to meet up. My MO is to get a hotel room; keep it in neutral territory. That way I can leave when I want. On these four occasions, she went ghost, texting me back a day later saying she smoked and past out. Whatever.

I have a playlist I like to fuck her to. After asking me for the list of the artists, I offer to buy us tickets to see a particular artist in concert. She readily agrees. ( This is two months in advance of the show)

Fast forward to the weekend of the show. No comm with her (and during this time she ghosted) I’m patient. I really am liking the sex. I put a bird on the backup plan just in case this girl doesn’t come through. I ignore the urge to ping her and remind her. It’s not my fucking responsibility to remind her. She’s got a phone with a calendar. Use it.

No word. I take bird #2. We have a great time. I shoot a clip of the show with my phone.

Go to bird #2’s home and she’s grateful for the sex.

Two days later I text the clip to bird #1. She texts back “:( ”

Yeah, pathetic response, I know.

So after another weak excuse of I forgot, she starts up again with wanting to see me.



















It took all my might to resist caving in. But in the end, it’ll work to my advantage. See guys, I don’t show this to impress you, I’m showing this to impress upon you the importance of remaining steadfast when chicks don’t behave properly and not give you the respect you ask for. Notice her skill set at using words to effect a change and to get her way. Powerful shit, dudes. Yeah, it’s great to hear that from a chick BUT giving in makes one a chump. And the thing is, she still coming back for more.

I don’t know how much longer I will keep her dockside. Lucky for me I’m in the middle of a good stretch (ironically after I decided to be a bit more of an asshole with a smile) and I’m pretty happy right now.

So, guys, remember this. These birds will go nuts when you yank the leash and don’t give them what they want WHEN they want it. It defies logic but who said women were logical?

As you can see, they are slaves to the vagina.

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