Should you get a concealed carry weapons permit?

In the wake of the attacks in Paris ( and other cities as well), once again the net lights up with people commenting that had people been personally carrying handguns, these situations might have ended differently and lives would be saved.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

First of all, I’m pro-gun. I own, I shoot and believe in the inalienable right (if your sane) to defend oneself, family and property by any means necessary.

So now lets get to point of this post.

Three things stand out to me that are being ignored by most.

  1. Since France has been on a heightened security since the Charlie Hedbo incident, it is my opinion that public venues should have had security personnel trained to spot potential threats. We all know the modus operandi of these fuck bag terrorists. Large public gatherings, in a time when no one is expecting are when they attack. Concert halls, restaurants, plazas- all should have real security people there. I know for a fact there are private security companies with trained ex military and police available to be hired. I’m baffled as to why they weren’t utilized.
  2. Security works from the top down. The state, local municipalities and businesses can enact security measures but the private citizen is obligated to always be mindful of his surroundings, even when one is in a relaxed state. Even though the Green Zone in Baghdad was designed to be a safe area, everyone was still vigilant. And they had incidences of attacks there as well.
  3. These attackers had spent time planning what they were going to do. These weren’t monkeys spraying Uzi’s randomly. They had intention and a plan, which is more than most citizens give thought to regarding their own security and how to survive something like this.

For some reason, it seems that people who really, truly know tactical shooting and have hundreds of hours with gun training and CQB rarely, if ever, go on the net and leave comments like, “If people could carry weapons , this wouldn’t happen.” It’s always people with little or no experience with gun tactics in public places.

I call ‘Bullshit’. You want to give people who can’t even follow traffic laws or simple etiquette in public the right to carry guns?? A majority of us are too emotional to begin with. I know I am, as much as I try to control it. Why would I want a hundred emotional talking monkeys with guns in their pockets walking around in public?

People have this Wild West mentality with guns, thinking that carrying them makes them bad ass. They watch too many movies.

If you shrink in the face of some homeless guy screaming vulgarity in your direction while looking straight into your eyes, you will not react differently if you have a gun. And if you do, you’re an idiot because your personal life was not in danger and you could have handled it in ten different ways. And you should not even own a gun because you don’t understand why and when to use it.


Should you get a CCW?

Florida and Utah offer conceal carry permits that are honored by a total of 27 states. Seems like a good idea, right?


In all states, if you pull a gun or shoot a person and have a CCW, you’re still hauled off to jail for an alcohol and drug test first. If your dirty, you’re fucked.

You will be subjected to more scrutiny than a police officer  by a panel of people who really don’t like the idea of private citizens firing their weapons in public. If they find you impaired, lacking a credible reason as to why you felt your life was in danger and are not convinced you exhausted every recourse to get out of the situation, you just caught a 3-8 year felony conviction, (possibly more) and you lose your passport, right to vote and any employment opportunities. Doing hard time SUCKS.


Ask yourself this.

Would you be able to match the amount of range time many police officers and military guys have to go through to maintain proficiency?

Would you be able to get in a line of 6 or 8 person team to clear a building you’ve never been in and not shoot one of your guys?

Could you shoot a person pointing an AK47 at you while scrambling to your right and shooting with your left hand even though you’re a rightie?

Don’t think you would be the hero. Every high level operator will tell you, “Don’t be the hero”.


This is what you SHOULD DO.


Get off the X.

Everyone who knows real firefights says the same thing.

Get off the X.

No hero shit, no ” If you have a gun, engage.”

Get off the X.

Cade Courtley, former SEAL, shows you what to do


You don’t need a CCW. Too much to lose. Unnecessary for anyone with less than 2k hours in training.


You’d be better off catching a misdemeanor for having a loaded weapon on your person IF you were in an area of high threat and had to use it. But you shouldn’t be in that area in the first place.

I have a close friend who is a plumbing contractor. He has a lot of clients in the famous ‘Jungle’ of South LA. (watch Training Day) He gets his work done by sundown. After that the crazies come out. He’s long gone by then. AND he’s from that area. He used to have a CCW. He got rid of it when he realized it was not legally in his favor to openly carry.

A gun is a last resort. Your mind is your most powerful weapon. Be smart. Learn how to use your hands first. Have a plan every where you go on how you would get off the X if shit goes down. Be aware. Look for anything out of the ordinary when in public venues. Know exactly who enters and leaves. Have your eyes on the door and know where you can exit if that door is blocked.


I’ll leave you with two people I respect immensely for their no bullshit approach to security and surviving attacks. Learn from these guys.

Tony Blauer

Lee Morrison

Post script- Even if you have a gun on you, your first priority should be to get off the X and get safely away.

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