Oils are killing you, man.

It has been estimated that as much as 80% of our food supply in this country contain vegetable oils. These oils have been promoted as the “healthier” alternative to a diet that has animal fat in it. Hundreds of studies have tried to prove a correlation between dietary fat, cholesterol and heart disease based upon a few observations.

Ironically, while this country and most of the Western world have jumped on board with the theory that heart disease is caused by dietary fat consumed from animals and have moved towards increased use of vegetable oils, the facts show that heart disease and the inflammation of the arteries has skyrocketed since the end of the first World War, when vegetable oils began to be introduced into the commercial food packaging industry. If we have successfully eliminated most animal lard from food stuffs, why then has this not lowered heart disease? You would be surprised by the answer.

My good friend had mentioned to me earlier this year that he had eliminated bad oils from his diet, thus ushering a 15 lb loss of fat that he tried for years to achieve. And he was a vegetarian. Which meant he ate anything that wasn’t meat. Which meant he ate ‘vegetarian’ alternatives that came in a box. I never really listened to what he was saying; it was more like, “Cool man, you look great” while I inhaled my kabob sandwich.

He ate french fries, fake bacon, breads, pasta, crackers, cheese and many other “meat free” products. He even suffered from the buildup of fatty tissue on the chest; the kind that makes you wear a T-shirt at the beach.

It wasn’t until he started reading about oils and how they came to pollute our modern day food supply that he decided to eliminate them and eat 80-90% raw food diet. He never bugged me with,”Hey you should read this or that”¬† instead going about his life looking great and feeling great.

So, then I was curious and started reading my own sources on the subject. I was stunned. What I read not only shocked me but made me look back at my own food intake over the last five years where I could see changes that were happening that were the accumulation of oil buildup in my own body. Now, passing the big “4-oh shit this is really happening” birthday, I made it a point to find out what the fuck was going on. A certain amount of vanity has always been in me and I vowed years ago I would never, ever let myself slip into a “fuck it, I’m not 23 anymore” attitude and give into complacence.

Let me just say this- this subject really deserves more attention and I can’t spend the time writing what has already been written about the subject. But I will give you some bullet points to consider so that you can look into further if you so desire.

We are eating vegetable oil because it is significantly cheaper to make food with oils that are chemically from plant seeds than to raise an animal. Period. IT IS NOT because the government or food makers want you to be healthy.

There is no such thing oil from a vegetable. Most “vegetable” oils are fruit oils (coconut. palm, olive or avocado), nut oils (macadamia, peanut, pecan, etc), or seed oils (canola, sunflower, soybean, grapeseed and rice brand).

All these oils are exposed to high heat, pressure and chemicals in the extraction process. These are man made fats, not naturally occurring fats.

Our bodies are biochemically designed to use fats that are naturally occurring; saturated or monounsaturated fat.

Polyunsaturated fats have exploded into our industrialized food supply and, along with sugar, have given us cancer, dementia, diabetes and obesity. These diseases were statistically so low 200 years ago, it was very rare.

Eating fat does not make one fat.

Eating processed sugar and foods high in carbohydrates (usually from high fructose corn syrup) AND not being active enough makes one fat.

There is no such thing as “good cholesterol” and “bad cholesterol”. There is just cholesterol.

Gross LDL reading is not what matters, it’s the percentage of oxidised LDL that is critical.

Manufacturers are not required by law to identify the oils by name but palm oils account for 30% of all oils used in foods with soybean oil coming in second and listed at 23%. These statistics were from few years ago. The numbers are higher today.

Oils are used to make baked goods crunchy and sauces gooey.


As you can see just from this brief list of bullet points, nut and seed oils are bad news all around. If you really want to excel healthwise, you need to look at every thing you buy in the store to make sure these haven’t been added. Even your butter or hummus.

The reality is 90% of what you put into your body should be veggies, fruits, grass fed beef (or lamb and pork), wild fish, eggs, and some dairy. Butter is good (lots of saturated fat) olive oil is great  (but should not be heated or used for frying) and coconut oil. If you want to use an oil for frying, use peanut oil (or better yet real animal lard if you can get it).

We all have a favorite snacks that come in a box or a jar. No one is saying not to have them but read the label next time and ask yourself if you really need to snack on it now or if it can wait til later. The fewer times you eat it, obviously the better.

I am convinced that if one greatly reduces or eliminates them from their own diet, you will see amazing changes and feel amazing. But don’t just take my word for it, do your own research.



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  2. Hi,

    there’s a school of though that claims, that there are no such a thing as essential fatty acids (PUFAs). The the claim, that they are essential for health was created during 1930’s when they still didn’t known about the need for many vitamins (mainly from B group) and minerals (zinc for example).

    And anyway the diet that could you give essential fatty acids deficiency is only possible if all of the food eaten is being made in laboratory.

  3. The misunderstanding about PUFAs comes from the fact that people hear PUFA=good without looking at the actual evidence (let’s face it who’s really going to traipse through all the articles and learn university level biomedical science just to decide which specific oils are better than others?).

    The fact is that most PUFAs have little to no effect on your health. There are two families: omega-6 and omega-3 which differ in the location of the first C=C (carbon double bond). Only omega-3 has the purported effects on health attributed to all PUFAs and even then the vast majority of ‘omega-3 rich’ foods contain alpha-linolenic acid which males do not convert to DHA in large enough amounts for it to have any effect. Omega-6 fatty acids may even reduce the rate of conversion of omega-3 fatty acids because they compete for the same enzymes.

    The long and the short of it is this: if you want the health benefits of PUFAs then only fish oils such as from oily fish (any non-white fish) and cod liver oil have any statistical evidence behind them. Anything else pretending to be healthy due to PUFAs is lying to you.

    I don’t think there’s any evidence that they’re responsible to cancer, heart disease, autism and Islamic terrorism though.

    • Ha! Thanks for the comment.
      I agree with everything you said and I want to point out that seed oils have been linked to cancer, macular denegeneration and heart disease. With the over production and emphasis on PUFA in food and also the “fat free/low fat” concoctions that rely on high levels of fructose syrup to achieve those claims, both of these items lead to inflammation of the arterial walls and also tax the lymph system which is responsible for the distribution of fats to the cells for fuel and repair. Biochemically, our bodies use saturated and monounsaturated fats. With a larger portion of these fats being PUFA’s in food products, these tax and confuse the lymph system, mostly ending up in semi solid fat stores around the torso, the chest muscles and back and around organs. “Gynecomastia” in men can usually be attributed to these fats building up around the lymph nodes under the nipple area as well as hormonal imbalance from these seed oils being heavily used in many food products.

  4. The documentary “Fat Head” did a pretty solid support of the points you’re making here in a mildly entertaining way. (debunking of the popular documentary “supersize me”)

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