Never powerfuck on the first date

It inevitably happens. As we wade through the dating pool of women we come across one that could be a nice catch. Whether it lasts a night or a few weeks, we see some promise and say, “Fuck it” and go for it.

She’s dressed to the nines. Great heels, freshly done pedicure. She’s laughing at all the right moments and being quiet in the others. She’s studying you as you make conversation. Her eyes say it; she’s already decided to fuck you. Now, it’s only you left to fuck it up.

And you don’t fuck it up. You end up naked and in bed, ready to fuck her raw dog. Her body screams yoga, her pink puss aching to be stretched and hammered. It’s been a while for her (maybe a month) and she is ready to collect her reward for finally singling out the right guy to do her right.

Every moan she makes, every pass of her tongue, every thrust she returns makes you even harder. Time flies and before you know it, a half hour passes and she’s cum a  half dozen times. “Oh my god” “I love your cock” “It feels so good” “I’ve never been this wet before” all fuel you into working harder. You finally bust your nut all over her and lay down to catch your breath. She snuggles next to you like a doped up prom queen as you finger her pussy and find its oil spill of her wet juice. And your rock hard 5 minutes later, ready to do some serious damage. You could pound her four hours more.


You’re done. Go to sleep or get the fuck out. This is not the time for powerfucking. There is no point in working harder to impress her. A woman will take everything you throw at her and the kitchen sink if she hasn’t been fucked in a while.

You’re not auditioning for a porn movie.

You’re done. Even if it is Scarlett Johansson.

Why? Because you’ve set the bar too high. You rocked her world and probably acted as if it was a slow night for you and you had the flu. “I was just getting warmed up” is the attitude we all give off. Unless her pussy is swollen from the peni punching you gave it, she will always take more.

And you will always be working to recreate that level of performance again and again. The same goes for fucking 4 or 5 times a day in the beginning. Don’t do it. Because eventually you not want to fuck her 4 or 5 times a day and she will act as if you have a sex drive problem. You set the bar too high and now you’re stuck with it.

We’ve all done it. We get pussy drunk and want to kill that little cunt. She looks good, smells good and every thing she does is new and exciting. We want to show her who the King is.

Yeah, in a years time, she’ll be salting your shit to her BFF’s about how you couldn’t keep up with her, like she did all the work in bed.

Never forget, boys, WE do all the work in bed. They just go along for the free ride.

If you want to powerfuck ( and you should just to keep them guessing) my advice is mix it up. Every fourth or fifth bang, throw her a 12 rounder. Beat it up. Maybe only cum once. Unless its a primal urge to cum more. (One girl this summer; I HAD to cum three times with her every time, made no sense).

Listen, it’s okay to settle down with a girl despite what other blogs tell you. It’s nice to have a cool chick and be all lovey dovey and do couple shit and all the other shit that comes with it. Its totally fine.

But do not be a slave to the pussy. Don’t try to impress her with your prowess. They’ll forget about it as soon as they’ve moved on a few years later ( and most will). And if you find yourself in a budding relationship, have fun with it. There are no guarantees that it will last any longer than when it becomes not fun for either individual. But Judas Priest, don’t kill it on the first date because every time after that, it’ll feel like work.


Happy Labor Day


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