My on the road gym

resistance bandI’m in San Diego on business. My hotel has a gym. Standard gear-dumb bells, bench and some cardio machines.


I never rely on hotels to have gyms for me to use. After my previous post, I continue my ‘no gym’ program. Just body weight exercises, hiking and stairs when I find them.

This resistance band gives me all the pulling motions I need. It’s got a strap to insert in the door jamb up top. It’s the heaviest resistance band out of the three I purchased. It’s not as easy as one would assume. Try cranking out 15-20 4 count reps. You’re burning.

Throw in pyramid pushups, feet elevated pushups on the bed, decline pushups using the couch- all in all a nice quick workout. Sometimes I’ll grab two 1 gallon jugs of water at 7/11, bring them up to the room and use them to do bent over rear delt flyes.

Break out a nice sweat and then head out of the hotel and get my day going.

And then shake my head when I see the myriads of fat office workers walking on the streets, all with the same excuse- “I don’t have time to get to the gym.”

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