Micro homes-the new trend in home ownership

Since the last great crash of 2009, we have seen home prices plunge and credit being given out like a bowl of porridge to a sickly boy working the mines. Many lost their homes through devious lending practices or sheer ignorance of what home ownership entailed.

Now, housing markets are starting to climb again and who knows what sick f*cking plans ┬álay in the minds of the people pulling the world’s financial strings. If you are single and have no children, you have undoubtedly been admonished by the likes of many red pill priests that home ownership can be a suckers bet and that you’re better off to rent. Still, some cannot fight the inclination to buy or build a home but at the current market prices and stringent credit requirements, many cannot enter into homeownership the traditional route. Don’t worry, there is another avenue.

While it is perfectly okay to want your own home or a piece of land, most don’t want to totally go Galt and live in a tent or yurt. While I like these and am looking at purchasing one in the next few years, some prefer a little bit more in the design department.

Enter micro sized homes. These tiny homes are congruent with TNCM’s philosophy of parring down and reducing one’s reliance on the conventional grid homes being built today. They are far less expensive to build , maintain, and offer a reasonable alternative to the overpriced and wasteful housing that Americans have come to enslave themselves with. While yurts can be bought and built to the tune of 8-15k, these examples of homes designed and built by their owners offer a competitive price range for some who favor modern style. They are small, efficient, stylish and can actually be a babe magnet while you are out playing the field.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved with some effort, ingenuity and a real world examination of what one really needs to be comfortable.

Would you consider this as a competent alternative if it meant you could OWN your own home free and clear instead of a 30 year fixed mortgage?




P.S. Yurts are pretty cool if you’re the outdoorsy type. Check out these companies:




4 comments on “Micro homes-the new trend in home ownership

  1. I’m not so sure buying a “home” is even a good idea in the first place. I was talking to my GFs dad, and he told me that he needed a permit to put up a fence in his yard and to replace his generator. Now I do live in a liberal as fuck state, and maybe other red states are more free, but it seems like he was paying out the ass for a plot of land, and he couldn’t even make his own decisions on what to do with it.

    Like, I get that NJ is densely populated, but if u wanna lets say put up a fence in ur yard, thats a discussion you should be having with your neighbors if anything, not the government. No way I would ever sign up for that!

  2. There are also other options to renting or tents/yurts. You can live in an RV or boat. You still pay rent, but usually much lower rent, and you end up much much more mobile. What’s more, in the old-style “micro-homes” known as RV or Boat, all your customization stays with you. Want a secret compartment? no problem. Want to take off and see a new place? Your home then goes with you, no need to pay for a hotel.

    Nomadic living is where you are headed if you’re truly MGTOW.

    I personally only briefly considered owning a home. As soon as I really started thinking about it, I hated the idea. Homes are painful financial anchors to a particular community in a nation that does not value community.

  3. i SERIOUSLY thought about one of these. i might put a micro cabin on my hunting camp.

    the i-homes are sweet.

    been running a series on minimalisizing. i gave away 90% of my shit. all i’m taking with me to NO is clothes, books, the gun, my dog, and a few pictures.

    if it’s non essential, it’s not coming with me.

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