Low Winter Sun

It looks like it’s going to be a cold and miserable holiday/winter for many of the states this season. If you live in these states, I’m fucking sorry. You should consider vacationing in Central America during these months.

Here are some things to remember-

Most people overeat, overdrink and get less exercise during the holiday/winter season which lowers the  immune system and makes one susceptible to the flu, colds and other common maladies. Maintain eating habits from the summer, observe your portions and drink as if you have a job interview the next morning.

-Stress is huge during the holidays with expectations of family gatherings, travel and work parties. You do not have to say yes to all the invites. Pick the ones that will be the most fun with the least amount of drama.

-If somebody or a group of people that you expect to run into at some event make you uncomfortable and dreading the social event, don’t stress about it. The goal is to minimize exposure, not avoid them. When you run into them, be polite and count in your head to sixty and politely excuse yourself  when there is a pause in the conversation. It could be to use the bathroom, wash your hands, make a call, say hello to someone or smoke a joint. When you return, move onto someone you know and like.

You don’t have to buy shit for nobody. Seriously. No one should be forcing you to buy them anything. If being together is not enough and you need to make a purchase of some consumer product to prove your love for them, you are in the wrong house. That goes for kids too. Fuck those entitled fat fucks. No gifts over the age of 8. **

Don’t let the winter months make you lazy and boring-

-Now is your chance to dress sharp. There will inevitably be women looking to hook up during the holidays to avoid appearing alone so be prepared and carry condoms.

– Anything you didn’t wear last year, you can throw out or give away. There is a reason you didn’t wear it, most likely because you didn’t feel like a million bucks in it.

-While monochrome colors work well in the winter (depending on your color of complexion) don’t be afraid to add a little color in your ensemble. This is where scarves, socks, hats and pocket squares serve the purpose of adding a little spark to the dull winter.

Fuckin’ take care of yourself

Don’t drink and drive. Uber, Lift and taxis will save your wallet from a DUI and your life from an accident. And buckle up while in these car services.

Watch less TV and catch up on all the books you said you wanted to read.

-Workout 4 times a week to help manage the increase in calories and minimize bodyfat gains. Make the workouts short but intense. Stretch, work on flexibility and add some swimming in the mix if you have access to a pool at your gym.


If you are  are coming off a summer regime of fruits and veggies in your diet, you know prices rise sharply in the winter for the same items in grocery stores. You’ll need all the vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics you can get to keep healthy while everyone gets sick throughout the holiday season.

Here’s a great tasting shake to get you all those nutrients I mentioned above for a fraction of the cost if you were to go out and buy it from a shop.wintershake

Ingredients are peeled frozen bananas, Goats Milk, ginger, tumeric, frozen berry medley, Trader Joe’s Red Drink Powder


Place blender on counter top. Plug in blender. Make sure the off switch is selected. (Not making fun of you, I’m assuming you are drinking while reading this post…like I am)

Add one cup and 1/2 of Goats Milk to a blender ( that gives you 13g of protein)

1/2 to 3/4 cup of frozen berries

one frozen banana broken in half

a pinch of tumeric ( anti-inflammatory)

break off a piece of ginger half  the size of your thumb and hand grate it into the blender






** Do what you want. Why should the kids suffer for their parents choices? If it brings you joy to buy gifts for the kids, so be it.  But instead of some toy they’ll forget  in 24 hours, prepare their little minds for the future. I would recommend ‘Enjoy the Decline’ from Aaron Clarey or ‘Pitch Anything’ by Oran Klaff     You can find those titles by clicking here



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