Is the No White Food mantra truly accurate?

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.15.13 PMIf you’re looking to lose weight, you’ve probably heard of the mantra, “No white foods”. Basically, you’re told not to consume dairy, pasta, breads, rice, potatoes and sugar. Most of those foods are white in color, due to being overly processed and having no nutritional value.

But does that mean you shouldn’t eat these foods at all? Is it really possible to not eat these foods and still enjoy a normal life?

Let’s break this down and see if there is any value to this often repeated mantra.

Dairy– Cow milk is mostly pasteurized, with the cream taken out and the milk coming from industrialized farm animals given loads of drugs to produce more milk. And because their diet is shit; mostly made of corn and other parts of dead cows, they are pumped full of antibiotics so they don’t fucking die in the pen. Also, sugar is usually added to milk. Holsteins, your typical black and white cow, were bred to best use grass as their feed. Most of these cows nowadays haven’t seen a blade of grass their whole lives.

If you love milk, your best best is to buy if from the local farmer down the road in country that does not use steroids or other drugs. Good luck with that. A glass of milk could contain 20 chemicals in it.

So, yeah, stay away from cow milk, especially if you’re looking to slim down. If you’re looking to bulk up and get huge, drink all the milk you like. (Gross!) A better alternative would be goats milk. It’s been used for thousands of years to nourish millions of humans around the world. There is a reason for this.

Pasta– This has been a subject of debate for a while. Everyone says to stay away from pasta but no one wants to realize the truth about how we normally consume it.

Most of us eat it at night. If you’re at a restaurant, we chomping on bread and butter before it comes out. They dump a huge amount on our plate, along with cheese and sauce from a jar (which has high fructose corn syrup in it). If at home, we sneak another huge helping after which we sit on our asses and watch TV. Lots of calories and no exercise after to burn the elevated sugar in our blood.

Now if you look at Italians, they eat only a small portion at lunch or dinner and this is after eating small salads, veggies, and meat cuts. They are pretty full already when the course comes around with a serving of pasta. They eat slowly, over the course of hours and usually having some wine with their meal. Keep in mind walking is a normal part of their daily routine so they’re burning excess calories in addition to consuming less processed foods.

You can eat pasta made from rice or whole wheat, but personally I hate the way it tastes and it’s like having a lump of crap on your plate. I eat Italian made pasta. Yes, it may be processed but if you eat a small serving a week at best, I don’t think the negative outweigh the positives. It tastes better.

Best time to eat pasta? Right after a workout when your body needs carbs and sugars to restore glycogen levels. Also, you should be filling up on vegetables in the form of salads and steamed veggie sides before you even think of eating pasta.

Breads– White bread has all the nutrients sucked out of it. Wonder bread and those like it are shit. It’s not even real bread. And it has sugar in it. So, white breads are a NO. What about whole grain bread? Read the label. And keep in mind the serving size of bread here in the US is almost double what bread is in Europe. Lots of calories for little value.

If you love bread, than sprouted grain may be for you. High nutritional, less processing and less calories. Again, read the labels. Sugar can be added to it. In the end, if you are a serious bread fan, eat it in small portions, after filling up on veggies and think about maybe baking your own. That way you know exactly what ingredients went into it and you can impress your bread loving liberal friends.

Rice– White rice sucks in terms of nutritional value. Yet, Asians eat it all the time and for hundreds of years and they have less obesity than Americans. Now, fried rice you should totally stay away from because of the vegetable oil they cook it in. You should eat steamed rice. And white won’t kill you it’s the only thing in your cupboard at the moment but you should eat whole grain rice. Experts say jasmine brown rice is the best for nutritional value. Again, eating 4 cups of rice is not going to help you lose weight. Approach it the same way as you approach eating pasta. Eat it after filling up on steamed veggies, soup, and fish. If your into sushi, try ordering it sashimi style. And eat if after a good workout.

Potatoes– I love potatoes. I love them with grass fed butter. And I love them alone. Do not eat potatoes with steaks. The stomach acid needed to break down animal protein and starchy foods are opposite and when those foods are combined, the acids cancel out each other and the food just rots in your stomach. And again, no french fries. Baked or boiled is the way to go. ‘Experts’ say to replace Idaho potatoes with sweet potatoes or yams. I hate either one. I prefer small sized baby potatoes or red variety. Two cups of cut up potatoes is enough. Again, eat only after you filled up on veggies first. Potatoes have been shown to help immensely with gut flora which keeps you in healthy balance and helps digestion.

Sugar– Most if not all processed foods have sugar added to them. And not the sugar from the table either. No, it’s in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which is the cheapest form of sweetener available to food makers. It’s the Devils semen. Very BAD!

A couple teaspoons in your coffee in the AM is not going to kill you or make you obese. But make it raw sugar or even better, natural honey.

All in all, all these foods can be consumed in moderation and at the right time; after exercise. You don’t have to give them up if you really enjoy them. No one wants to ‘no fun guy’ at dinners because your obsessing over what you can or can’t eat.

Make them as natural as possible (which may mean making the dishes yourself) and eat them after you filled up on veggies.

The most important things in slimming down are 3 liters of water a day, exercise 4 t 6 times a week (enough to burn 3,500 calories for the week) and really only eating twice a day.

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These guys all did the ‘no white food’ diet but other than Marc Jacobs, they couldn’t sustain it. Marc Jacobs has enough vanity in him to keep doing it. He’s also a miserable cocksucker.

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