Introducing Cindy

Cindy isn’t a girl. “Cindy” is a workout designed to gauge your fitness level. By doing non stop constant work under a designated time allowance, you get a better look at where you need to improve physically AND mentally.

I don’t know who designed it ( it is very much in use in the Crossfit community) but doing this work out once every 30 days to access your own training regimen and it’s effectiveness is a very useful tool.

It’s simple- a cycle is 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 bodyweight squats. Your goal is to do as many cycles in 20 minutes as you can.

While physically it is demanding, it also is a mental test. The body can go much further than we think; it is our minds that give out first, usually.

So do this workout, keep an good pace, deep squats, no kipping on the pullups and write down your number. Whatever it is, make sure when you do it next, you do more. Don’t beat yourself up if you suck at first- it’s about improving. Everyone starts out in the suck.

Follow Through- Kick Ass!

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2 comments on “Introducing Cindy

  1. Started this today with a calendar alarm to follow up on the first of ever month. Got through 15 sets though it’s painful to feel like I could have done a few more if I were more mentally tough.
    Thanks for the kick in the pants to get started

    • That is really good!! A good experienced Crossfitter can do 25 and hardcore athletes and operators doing 30 + cycles.

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