How Brazil punk’d the whole world and made Ryan Lochte its bitch.

Man, it’s fucking crazy watching this stupid non story of Lochte’s robbery story gain traction.

No one seems to see that not only did the country of Brazil punk the world but also made this poor guy its fucking bitch for embellishing a story.

How did Brazil punk the world? Well, lets see.

Lets start of with the money under the table to get the Olympics in Rio. Even though the economy of Brazil was in shambles, they somehow got an investment of billions shot into their economy.

Well, not really. I mean, there was construction going on for years to build the infrastructure and venues but I can guaranty that whatever jobs came out of it for Brazilians was probably low paying manual labor. All the juicy overseer jobs were taken by internationals and elite members of Brazilian society.

The country stole millions through graft, leaving its public with a fresh coat of paint on the city and maybe three years worth of use for the venues before they fall into disrepair.

Oh, and their President is being impeached for…corruption.

The favelas still exist and are ‘contained’ by a truce between the cartels and police. Drug use is still rampant and rising. The streets were not safer for visitors coming to watch. Hell, the fact that there was hardly anyone in attendance shows how little value the Olympics offered to those who normally spend tons of money to experience the event.

So, instead of looking inward and finding how they can solve their corruption, drug problem, violence, and the absolute fuck you the government handed to the people of Rio and Brazil, they decide to jump on this story and call for an apology to all the people of Brazil. Like they really care.

They should care more about where the economy is going, why investment and markets are down, how to feed their family and obtain a better life for their kids. They should care about how their elected government outright stole money for the build up of the Olympics and lined their own pockets. They should be demanding an apology from the government, police and cartels for ruining what could have been a great thriving economy years ago.

They instead chose to redirect all the attention towards this sweet but dumb athlete who embellished a story while, keep in mind, having a gun pulled on him in an attempt to extort some amount of money for peeing on a wall and tearing a poster. C’mon seriously?

The fact a security guard has to be stationed where they were and carry a gun is funny enough. The fact the guard pulled a gun out on a bunch of drunk imbeciles shows you that there is no respect for anyone other than what you can take out of their pockets.

So no one will talk about the corruption and drugs and collapsing markets. They will just make Lochte the poster child for what not to do in Brazil and be relieved that there wasn’t some catastrophic failure of security at the games.

And the world will soon forget about Brazil and move on.

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