Google news sucks

Over the past year I was checking in for my news through Google News, which aggregates news from around the world…or so I thought.

It actually has almost turned into Yahoo news or AOL. It just plain sucks. Most of it is editorial or celebrity driven. While I do enjoy reading up on culture (NY times and France 24) there is almost none to be found on GN.

I definitely believe that an incessant focus on news is downright a waste of time, I do also believe one should keep an eye on it, a sort of situational awareness.

For business news, I suggest Bloomberg News. It’s straight up business. I believe one should keep track of trends in business in order to adapt to the changing landscape. Also, it’s important to follow of the devaluation of currency around the world and the failed EU experiment.

For science news, I like Discover Magazine.

I don’t really care for professional sports so I don’t track it. Except in the occasions of hot Russian tennis teenagers wearing hot outfits.

Entertainment? Hollywood Reporter is fine.

Politics? Shoot me. (Actually, The Economist is pretty good)

Art and Culture? I favor Vanity Fair for that East Coast Intellectual snobbery.

And that’s all I need to know.

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