Eliminate the assassin

Sitting on my friends couch this weekend getting ready to watch UFC 170, he gives me the scoop on his mom’s passing. Stage 4 liver cancer was the big bad wolf. And this was after a previous bout of melanoma cancer 30 some odd years ago in which she was given no chance to survive. (Her subsequent recovery actually made medical journals).

Then breast cancer came and she beat that. Twice. But S4LVC was the straw that broke the camel’s back. As he and the family tried to make sense of how it happened, according to doctors, a rogue cancer cell made its way from her breasts and set up shop in her liver. Liver cancer is the MOST painful of the cancers. Did you see that liver shot McMann took from Rousey? The one that dropped her? Imagine that pain ALL the time.

It seems unimaginable that a significant number of deaths in Western countries involve some type of cancer but it’s the reality. To explain cancer in the simplest form-it’s when the cell cannot function normally. It cannot do the simple function of taking in nourishment and expelling the waste.

There are many chronicled ways this can happen, ranging from eating a diet high in processed foods and sugar to not simply drinking enough water. Holding on to anger is another. Constant mental stress on the mind. Carcinogens in household products. Also, environmental causes come into play. Radiation from the sun, microwaves, wireless devices- anything that emits electrical waves can interfere with the normal functioning of the cell. Free radicals from chemicals and petroleum based products ( anything plastic, paints, aerosols, etc) also interfere with the cells on a molecular level. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Reduce the amount of environmental triggers in your life. This can mean anything from non stick cooking pans with Teflon to the products you use on your body. Now, I’m not saying to run out and start wearing clothes made from tree bark fibers, or going vegan or driving a car that runs on popcorn oil or throwing away all electrical devices and moving into a tent in the middle of the woods.

I’m just pointing out there are everyday things we use (sometimes unknowingly) that can contribute to the cell turning Frankenstein and going rogue. One area is the human skin itself. It is the largest organ you have. It absorbs everything that comes into contact with it. So it stands to reason anything you may use on it should be critiqued. Personally, I switched from deodorant chock full of chemicals to rock salt deodorant. Why? Because the armpits are one area where transdermal activity can take place. This is where doctors have patients use Axiron. I wonder how much of the breast cancer and other forms could be linked just from the usage of mass produced deodorant in the last 65 years. I’m not the only one who wonders this.

Toothpaste is another culprit. I use Toms of Maine. Or sometimes just plain old baking soda. Threw out the Listerine and Scope and started using hydrogen peroxide. No more lotions either; now I use coconut oil. ( And yes, It’s great for sex or preparing for awesome sex.) Hair shampooing is less frequent and  replaced with lavender soap ( that I use on my person as well).

I’m not a fanatic. I use a dollop of conditioning cream here and there, I still use Antin Dirt cream to style my hair ( I love the smell) and my cologne. As far as facial stuff, I use coconut oil at night. I keep it simple. I’ll grab a facial ever few months just to refresh the skin.

The point is reduce where you can. It ends up being less money, better for you and I honestly have never seen the difference using an $80 chemical ridden product over something more natural. And as far as the deodorant thing, no amount will hide that stank you emit if your not eating healthy. Most BO you smell on others is the result of their bodies sweating out the hydrogenated oils and sugar they ingest. I’ve never had a betty turn away. In fact, a lot of my dirty birds stick their nose in my armpit and go, “You smell like a man, hmmmm.” Maybe I’ve struck s.lut gold but I know of other friends who experience the same reaction. THAT is nature’s pheromones, bubba!

In conclusion, smoke that cigar, drink your scotch, do that line- don’t worry your pretty little head BUT at least get rid of the shit that is REALLY killing everyone and reduce the chemical cesspool lurking in your medicine cabinet.

6 comments on “Eliminate the assassin

  1. That bit about stank and diet sounds about right.

    I’ve been eating well for a few years, and the only time I stink is if I don’t shower for a couple of days, or if I’ve been wearing heavy boots in the sun all day.

    Seriously, my feet don’t stink under normal conditions. And I’ve also had girls who loved smelling my armpits while we cuddled.

  2. You should probably get your water tested for chlorine too. I have to deal with 1.5 ppm chlorine in the water where I live. To put that in context, 1.0 ppm is the minimum to treat swimming pools. Most chlorine is absorbed through your skin and is not at all good for you.

    There are filters and stuff you can buy for you house, but if you live in an apartment, like me, there’s little you can do about it.

  3. Never had a girl tell me she liked the way I smelled for the first 43 years of my life. Had 4 such comments in the last year, which I attribute to the suggested practices, as well as to severely limiting masturbation, which I will swear to my grave drastically affects pheremones the body produces.

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