Dying with Dignity

How would you like to end up like this man? Old, using a walker, eating junk at some fast food place instead of having a healthy meal prepared for him. He’ll die alone and afraid in some cold dark room while orderlies gamble with his pocket money. This is the reality for millions of older people around the country.

But, every so often, a person realizes what the end will be like for them and comes to terms with the concept of dying with dignity.

One such friend of mine decided to beat the grim reaper and recently sent me an email-

“I have already informed my family that I will not be able to afford an expensive nursing home, which would allow me to die with dignity. Therefore, I have moved to Central America, where the dollar still goes a long way and I can spend what little money I still have left during my final years enjoying life and dying with dignity!




Oh,…… and Dignity said to say ‘Hello!’ ”




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