Don’t hate on the Clooney

So Clooney, at 52, has decided after years of stating he would never marry again to get engaged and marry. I know a lot of guys think he’s abandoning the “don’t get married” flock but so fucking what. One, he’s dated some primo looking quim over the years. Two, he’s been around long enough to see the playing field and decide what he finds important in a mate. Three, no one wants to be 55 and hitting clubs to hunt for 30 somethings.

How did she land him? Who knows. But what I find interesting is that out of all the women he’s dated, this one actually earns her way in the world with the skills of her brain power. Yeah, it doesn’t hurt she’s easy on the eyes but she’s a barrister and that says something. All the other chicks Clooney dated all relied on their looks to make money, not their brains.

That should say something to you ladies out there. Use your brain and stop relying on your looks to get you the life you think you want.

Congrats Mr. Clooney, you’ve laid down a path of how to rock being a guy- a true friend to your circle of pals, creative, well dressed and how to carry oneself with charm, wit, grace and a sense of humor.

And that salt and pepper hair isn’t so bad.

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