Don’t accept bad behavior from women

OlgaI’m a big fan of Terence Malick’s films. Yesterday, I watched “To The Wonder”, as I liked the cast as well as the moving images shown in the trailer. They were beautiful classic Malick.

But I was disturbed. I won’t go into what I thought of the movie but what I want to discuss is the female character that was a part of this story.

This may contain spoilers so stop reading if you don’t want to know how the film progresses.

The character, played by Olga Kurylenko, is a single mom living in Paris. She meets Ben Affleck’s character somehow and they fall in love. He invites her to live with him in the U.S.

She and her ¬†daughter go. It’s fine for a bit but then the daughter gets bored. She tells her mother she wants to go back because “something’s missing”, meaning Ben’s character hasn’t asked to marry her mom.

Olga’s character is portrayed as a fun spirited, adventurous woman. I think she is suffering from borderline personality disorder.She prances around in the movie acting like a child in a make believe world. At home, in the store, outside-it’s all fun and games. Then she fights and throws tantrums. She doesn’t work. She doesn’t seem to have any interests other than dancing around and feeling the wind in her hair and making strange faces.

In the film, her visa expires. meaning her and her child have to go back to France. They leave. Ben meets another woman but eventually that ends. Olga’s character contacts him and says she is not herself anymore now that he isn’t around. She wants to come back. Oh, and her daughter is now living with her father. She reminds Ben that when they met, he promised to marry her so she could get her green card.

She comes back. Again with the dancing and making faces. Fantasy girl doing fantasy things. They get married. But now, she starts more temper tantrums. She breaks shit. She yells to neighbors, “He’s trying to kill me”. All this for attention, because she feels empty.

Some woman tells her to leave him. She says her life is her dream and she can do and say whatever she wants. Thats she is trapped and it’s his fault. That she should leave before she’s too old.

She then cheats on Ben.

Then she tells him.

Then he gets mad.

Then she finds she’s pregnant with a baby from the affair.

Then, in an act of irrational beta behavior, he supplicates himself to her by accepting “her” and kneeling down to her and saying how sorry he is.

Meanwhile throughout the movie is all this voiceover shit about how love is grand. that love is two becoming one, how we need to forgive.

Sorry Terence, but your movie is shit. More specifically, the portrayal of the woman in the film and her acceptance into the lead character’s life is utter crap. No man should stand for that behavior. Many do because they have been emasculated and told that this is what love should be.

And the “frame” of the woman? Well, she had a baby at 17, so it “wasn’t her fault.” ¬†This character, with her sense of entitlement and her disregard for anyone else, is a mirror of what many women have become. They dance around and seduce and act playful and bewitching; then they get bored and look for the next “adventure”. No responsibility, no commitment, just living their life by “feelings” and not by rational thought.

This movie is offering this behavior up as ‘normal’ and that the man should ‘man up and handle it and accept the woman’ and all of her asinine behaviors and chalk them up to “well, she’s a passionate woman!”

No. A NCM does not accept this and never will. He will cut them lose and let them wander from plate to plate and cock to cock in search of “fulfillment” while he searches and rewards loyalty, obedience and rationality in his women.

Do not be the beta man. Be alpha. Respect yourself; never tolerate outrageous, irrational behavior from a woman. Cut them loose from out of your life and don’t look back.


P.S. I hope to god that Knight of Cups will be way better than this film, which only made 3 million worldwide.

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