Children kill your freedom

If you truly value your freedom and want to really enjoy all the things that interest you and take advantage of the opportunities to travel, try new ventures or simply to enjoy your hard-earned money the way you see fit, do not have children.

Firstly, if you are not fixed or using condoms religiously, you are setting yourself up for potential misery. Secondly, you should encourage any long term sexual or relationship partner to either use birth control or simply get their tubes tied. Thirdly, if you are in a relationship with a woman who does want to have kids, end it now and move on to someone who aligns with your value system.

Why should you not have kids? Lets break this down rationally.

The earth’s population in 1800 was around a billion people. The population doubled within one hundred twenty years by 1920. Within forty-six years, it doubled again. And finally within the last forty some odd years, it will have doubled again by the year 2020.

During this time of increased growth, we have also increased the use of the planet’s finite resources at a pace equal to the population growth but inverted. Meaning, imagine an X and look at the top right of it as the population and the lower right as resources. Increased demand for these resources, especially by industrialized Western nations (and China), have put the planet’s ecosystem at a point of no return. There is no doubt in my mind and the minds of very smart people working at Washington D.C. think tanks that until we suffer a major population reset, resources will be at a premium and only available to those with the money to buy them. We currently use the equivalent of 1.5 Earths to provide what we use and absorb as waste.

Our oceans fisheries are collapsing, our forests around the word are being cut down at an alarming rate, the water tables are depleting rapidly and carbon dioxide buildup is throwing the earth’s wind and ocean patterns, necessary for the planet’s survival, into uncharted and dangerous patterns.

Wars, famine, mass migrations and disease all affect the people living in poverty who cannot buy their way out of the problem by getting the resources from somewhere else.

Now, lets look at the social structure that is in place in which most people’s children are sent to for schooling. I prefer to call it indoctrination because the history books used in schools are so thoroughly cleansed of anything that makes the United States and it’s allies look less than morally right or just in it’s world affairs.

You have mismanagement of public funds and taxes on a national, state and local level. And the two areas where this affects us- our social programs for the less fortunate and school systems.

Our commercial food industry is a wreck. Processed food is put in front of us as being the first choice for nutrition while big corporations have been buying up patents on any food they can genetically modify and sell. We are experiencing a trend now where certain municipalities are making it illegal to grow your own vegetables, raise livestock and baked home goods without some license or fees from the government. If you buy organic produce at city stores, it is at a premium and often times still not truly local. If you can’t afford pesticide free produce, you have to eat commercial farmed produce with all its pesticides and waxes. All the while, the soil is being depleted of its minerals that the vegetables usually absorb and pass on to you for your body’s health.

Our oceans fish are disappearing due to over fishing. At last count, there are over 13 sunken nuclear submarines that could be leaking fuel now or in the near future. The nuclear plant in Japan that experienced an earthquake a few years ago, has been shown to have channeled the waste water that was leaking into the Pacific ocean, low levels of isotopes showing up in fish on the coast of California, Washington and Oregon.

Nuclear waste, strip mining and hazardous chemicals from all industries are dumped into the environment without any regard to the balance of resources that we need to survive.

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Let’s go a bit further.

Parenting has been hijacked by government authorities to the point, where, if you were to discipline your child with the belt or a slap (like in the old days), you will be sent to jail. Your child could make up a fake story of abuse and you would be hauled off to serve time. There are hundreds of cases where a child has made this accusation simply because they didn’t get what they thought they were entitled to, such as a toy, smartphone, computer or video game and the parents lose custody of the child. Kids are fucking bastards; make no mistake about it.

On top of this, you have a constant and endless stream of materialism being funneled into the minds of children through TV and the association with other low intelligence peers in the classroom. You are in a constant battle with what you know to be the proper way to teach your children in how to conduct themselves, how to learn about the world around them, learning to use their mind in problem solving situations and what your children are being told by there dumb friends and greedy advertisers. Often children only parrot what they see on TV where some ‘celebrity’ is rewarded with attention while not having done anything substantial to demand attention. The topic of conservation is some dumb fucking human who deserves no space in the mind of humanity.

Then, you have the economic costs. Childcare, feeding and clothing the bastards, medical care-if you can afford it!

You risk mental and physical defects brought on by genetic and environmental triggers. You essentially are inviting a stranger into your life for the remainder of your time on this planet, with a very good chance that slobbering idiot will grow up into a slobbering adult who hates you for no good reason at all.

Your travel plans get seriously restricted because you can’t pull your kids out of school and no one wants to watch your spawn.

If you truly love kids, ask yourself, “Do I want to raise and leave my kids to fend for themselves on this wrecked planet with wrecked, insane humans running about?” If you really love kids, I would suggest you be an awesome uncle to your sibling’s kids (if you have any) OR volunteer to work with a charity or foundation that does work with real children in need of basic education, access to food and clean water and the ability to live in a war free area. Like a rental car, you can have fun to your heart’s content and then turn the car in without any further obligations, until the next time you need a car.


College money for your children or this? Fuck kids!

College money for your children or this? Fuck kids!









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