Children kill your dreams

I was having a conversation with a friend and he stated, “Man, I don’t want kids. I’m too selfish to have them.”

I told him that actually, he wasn’t being selfish. He was being self-less. Here’s why.

There are 7 billion people on the planet. We are over populated. For every 131 million births, there are 55 million who die. Close to one third of the planet has to survive on the equivalent of $2 a day. 15 million children die each year, 70% of that from malnutrition and preventable diseases.

The costs of raising a child in Western society are astronomical- forget Africa and Asia where 5 billion people live.

They need new clothing all the time as they grow so fast.

-They need toys.

-They need medical coverage along with dental coverage.

-Schools are overcrowded, good teachers are hard to come by, violence in schools is increasing, drugs are being introduced to kids from their peers along with peer pressure to participate.

– Money for education is being lowered each year. There is less money for books, supplies, food programs, space for classrooms and after school programs.

-They need money to hang out with their friends.

-While you work, they are indoctrinated from TV and video games.

-When they see the news, they don’t understand what is going on and become depressed and suicidal. Suicide rates among children are at a all time high.

-They hate you as a parent because you represent everything that is wrong with the world.

-They expect you to pay for their college tuition.

– They either move out and never visit you OR they stay living in your house till their mid twenties because they can’t hold down a responsible job.

-They borrow money.

-They stress you out when they start dating some slutty girl or cocksure jock and profess their undying love for that sack of crap.

-They tell you all the things you DIDN’T do as a parent.

– You have to buy/rent a home larger than what you need just to house them.

-You have to find a place to live that has decent schooling.

– You have to feed them. Are you going to feed them food processed in a plant in Idaho or fresh organic veggies and free range organic meat? That costs money. Chances are you don’t have a garden to plant each year or access to the local rancher who raises animals without antibiotics or pesticide in the feed.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 11.25.29 AMMaking the decision to not have children means-

-Reduced stress from your significant other.

-More money to travel and take mini-vacations.

-You eat just enough food for yourself. You eat what you want, when you want, wherever you want.

-You get sleep.

-You don’t get sick from the kids.

-No babysitter.

-No stupid play dates with other parents you can’t stand.

-You can have sex anywhere in the house you want with anyone you choose.

-You can go to movies, sports bars, concerts, camping, hiking, surfing, skydiving, scuba, motorcycling without having to worry if you have enough life insurance to feed and cloth them if you die in some accident or sport team induced riot.

-No parent teacher/conferences to deal with.

-You don’t have to worry about pedophiles or strangers abducting your children.

-No Disney trips. Ever.

All these things cost money. Money YOU worked for and should enjoy. 

Some people say,” But I want a little me/ I want to pass on the family name/ I want to raise a good person.”

Really? Does the world need another YOU? What has your family accomplished in the last 200 years? A good person is going to do what with the world? Society is in decline and all the best technology and all the best minds can’t seem to stop simple things like war, famine, drug addiction, destroying Earth’s resources and other things. You want to leave your children with that? Who’s selfish now?

What can you do to help?

Men should use condoms. These are for birth control. Don’t like condoms? Get snipped. Date women who use birth control. Find a woman who doesn’t want kids and bang the hell out of her.

If she changes her mind, she can do one of two things-find someone else to give her children OR realize how selfish she is and get snipped as well. No more hormones for her to ingest and she can enjoy sex without the fear of getting pregnant.

And you don’t have to worry about a ‘slip up’ that costs you everything you’ve worked for you entire life.

Travel, have fun, ride a helicopter, do exciting things, start a business and enjoy YOUR LIFE! 

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