Cheap eats-steak and “potatoes”

You may not know this but the reason you are not supposed to eat steak and potatoes together is the fact that the acids needed to break down these two items neutralize each other and the food ends up rotting in your stomach.

But this combination is still served and eaten all across America with fervor. And we have the highest rates of obesity and the largest market for indigestion products. Go figure.

The work around for your summer barbecue is: cauliflower.

Yup. That white cousin of broccoli is the miracle switch for potatoes.

Simply steam them until a fork easily passes through the head, put them in a bowl with a couple pats of butter, garlic, sea salt and pepper, mashed them together ( you can add a splash of whole milk) and serve!

You and you guests probably won’t even notice the difference.

No starches, no gas and you won’t have that bloated feeling from rotting food.

* Buy free range drug free beef and veggies at your local farmers market. Support local growers.

2 comments on “Cheap eats-steak and “potatoes”

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  2. Not even notice? That mashed up califlower stuff tastes horrible. It tastes like what it is, califlower, but with no texture. Nah man, better to just not eat the potatoes than substitute them with that mashed crap.

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