Cheap Eats– Healthy workout meals for $1.50

I have to give a shout out to Danger & Play for his podcast back on March 18th. Prior to finding that, I had been following a food plan from GLL that basically called for no carbs other than from veggies like spinach and broccoli. After about 6 weeks, I didn’t notice a big difference look wise other than an initial 6 lb. weight loss, I was tired all the time, I looked ‘flat’ and my sex drive was low as well. No spark.

After bringing carbs back in to my food (by using organic brown basmati rice) I immediately noticed results. More fuller look, more energy and my spark was back. I don’t know if the previous diet works well with my blood type (A+) or not, but as I said in the past, always judge for yourself if something works for you are not. Don’t be afraid to keep trying until you hit the sweet spot of results. For the record, I am NOT saying don’t listen to GLL in regards to his recommendations- GLL has got really great stuff on his site and I recommend you peruse through it if you haven’t. I’m just saying that particular diet wasn’t getting the results I desired.

Anyway, one of the great things about what I’m doing food wise is the costs are minimal. With a list of a 2lb bag of rice, a dozen eggs, a bag of frozen veggie medley and 5 bags of smoked turkey meatballs ( THE f*cking bomb!!) and the 25 oz. disposable tupperware containers, I can make about 20 meals to go. Total costs divided per meal amount to roughly $1.50 per meal*. That is awesome!! Again, eating healthy does not always mean expensive.

I boil the rice, throw in the 12 scrambled eggs and bag of veggies and divide the meatballs about 3 per meal. BAM! Done! I take them to work with me and also when I get home and I’m wiped out, stick one in the microwave and I have a meal. Little salsa or my sausage & peppers tomato sauce that I make from scratch and it’s really kickin’!

One of the tenets of TNCM is keeping costs minimal and this is congruent with my overall plan (which will allow for a 3 month vacation in Vietnam and Thailand through the end of this year).



* I buy my food at Trader Joes.

Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. – See more at:
Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. – See more at:
Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. – See more at:
Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. – See more at:


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  2. Great post. Prepping the food and eating the same thing over and over sounds boring but really pays dividends in terms of saving cash and getting your nutrition on point.

    One piece of advice is to change it up every week. Change the veggies, or the carb source. It’ll make things more interesting and prevent burnout.

    • Exactly. Broccoli is great option along with cauliflower. My “cheat” meal consists of organic whole wheat pasta with my sauce.
      Thanks for the comment.

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  4. Just a few things to consider. I looked into the turkey meatballs after the D&P podcast like you, but opted not to buy them because of their soy content. If you stick with them, Id consider upping your cruciferous veggie intake.

    I eat brown rice like you, and I noticed I got sick after eating leftovers. I did some research and it looks like you shouldnt save cooked rice for longer than three days, otherwise spores from mold can become too high for most bodies to deal with. Id cook enough to last you three days and no more. I get most of my carbs from sprouted whole wheat ezekial bread now. Zero prep, not expensive, and you can pick it up at trader joes. One of my favorite snacks now is ezekial bread, olive oil, and dukkah (also found in trader joes in the spice section).

    I enjoy the site. Thanks for writing.

    • Hey, thanks for the insight. I too was having gastrointestinal pains eating the prepped meals later in the week. And as far as the soy content, that is crucial to know. I’ve tried to eliminate soy and canola/palm oil from my diet as well so I will have to reconsider those turkey meatballs. Jesus though, they’re so f*cking tasty….!

      • I dont know, you may want to do some research on that. A decent trade off could be having brown rice for the meals at the beginning of the week and bread towards the end.

        One thing that helped me was eating fatty meals with veggies and lean protein/carb meals seperately. Some vitamins are fat soluble so eating veggies cooked in butter/coconut oil is how I like to do it. I try to avoid fat when eating carbs to avoid fat storage when my blood sugar is higher.

        I avoid soy/xenoestrogens as much as I can too, but its probably not so bad if you cant cut them out of your diet completely. Most xenoestrogens probably come from birth control getting pissed in the water supply so I doubt we’ll ever be able to completely cut them out.

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