Are you eating too much protein?

Take a good look around you and you’ll see one of the most pervasive thoughts on nutrition staring right back at you in the face. Protein supplementation.

In fact, it is just one part of a huge industry that has sprouted up in the last 25 years. Supplements for ‘bodybuilders’.

Every magazine, every wannabe trainer and every person it seems is talking about “getting enough protein in their diets.”

More to the point, magazines are telling people they need to consume at least one gram of protein for every pound of lean body weight to gain muscle. So, a two hundred pound man should consume at least two hundred grams of protein a day.

This is plain wrong.

Do you know how much protein a man, aged 19 to 70, and weighing two hundred pounds needs?

56 grams.

That’s it.

And that comes from the Dietary Reference Intake, a body of recommendations derived from The U.S.  National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine.

It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or a couch potato, because the energy you expend comes from calories, not protein.

If you are eating plenty of calories in the form of carbohydrates and fats, your daily energy requirements won’t be “stolen” from your protein intake. You would need no more than the average couch lounger.

So where is the extra 144 grams going? Taxing the kidneys.

You see, muscle isn’t built totally of protein. In fact, seventy percent of healthy muscle is water.There is barely 80 grams of protein in a pound of muscle. If the extra intake of 144 grams of protein was added to water and turned into muscle, a guy consuming this much protein would gain 650 lbs of pure muscle in a year. He would have 6 times the amount of  muscle than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime as Mr. Olympia. He would be the largest man ever to walk the planet.

In the first five months of it’s life, a baby doubles in size. It’s mother’s milk is only 5 percent protein. A baby cow doubles it’s size in 45 days and its mother’s milk only contains 15 percent protein. If these two times in the lives of these two examples needed protein the most, you should see how we have become a generation of protein overloaded idiots.

You don’t need large amounts of protein. Protein found in an average diet of a person eating somewhat healthy is all that is needed.

And to make sure you understand, think of this. When you see a morbidly obese person, do you assume they are taking in 200 grams of fat a day? No. We know that they are simply taking massive amounts of calories and doing little, if any, strenuous exercise.

Make sense? Good.

Now, I’ve mentioned before in a previous post that I sometimes take Muscle Milk in the am as my breakfast. Normally, I would have 4 whole eggs, a piece of sprouted grain bread and peanut butter for breakfast.

The Muscle Milk gives me 30 grams of protein. Now, for the rest of the day I eat salads. Or whatever. But I don’t need to have protein with every meal.

I love my range free meat but veggies are all you really need. Raw, nutritious and low calorie.

So, unplug from the protein matrix and eat normally. Moderate your calorie intake and in addition to good old fashion workouts, you will see that you’ll look just fine without all that extra protein.


5 comments on “Are you eating too much protein?

  1. I like this blog. But how is Kate Moss hot? I dont dig fat chicks or anything. But women shld have some curves and meat on them yes?

  2. I went low carb about a year and half ago and definitely over consumed protein for 6 months of that time. I noticed that my body basically self corrected after awhile as my appetite significantly diminished. I probably eat half as much as I did when I started and my weight has totally stabilized at a good, healthy (21 BMI) weight. I can’t agree more that upping veggie consumption is a better answer than overdoing the protein.

  3. This is a very un-scientific article. Lots of logical fallacies, and quoting a long-discredited gubmint agency.

    Moderately high protein doesn’t tax the kidneys. It’s carbs that do the worst damage to kidneys. Look up “glycation” and find out for yourself.

    • Yes, eating veggies (or as people label them “carbs”) is so bad for your kidneys…..C’mon, has common sense been destroyed by broscience? Do you also believe prior to the 1950’s every guy was a 130 lb weakling because they weren’t eating a slab of meat in every meal? Or eating a dozen eggs?
      It has always been shown that at the end of the day, calories taken in and expended is the difference between being flabby or fit.

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