Another lesson to be learned

As the images from the Philippines are coming in, we are once again reminded of the destruction of nature and the powerlessness of man to combat it. Reports of a complete breakdown of order as hundreds of thousands of people are clinging on to life and have hijacked scores of aid deliveries coming in just to survive. The biggest concern is that there is no clean water, an absolute necessity for continued life.

Between this event and Japan’s quake, we can see that the multitudes of citizens can overwhelm any government or aid infrastructure AND that when it comes to survival, you are on your own. The thing to remember about Japan is that is a country that has been prepared for earthquakes AND it still had almost apocalyptic results.


I’ve covered this topic before┬áso it should come as no surprise how I feel about this. And I would go even further to suggest that even though a majority of people pretend the world is a happy, puppies and cotton candy world for us Americans, there is a growing contingent of people like yourselves that realize the truth about governments:


You will be on your own. All the rhetoric of PC, gun control, bullying, religious bible thumpers, fat shaming leftist and righties will fly out the window when you can’t find food and clean water.

Sure, aid will hopefully arrive in time and keep tens of thousands more from dying but in the meantime, what happens? Chaos. Survival.

YOU are responsible for your own life and well being, not the state and not the rest of the world. Never forget that.

And to all the veterans who have served and have been abandoned by their own government and civilians, thank you for your sacrifice.


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