Aim inward

SPEC operator As my plans for New years Eve had fallen by the wayside due to the host tearing his calf muscle in NY, I scrambled in my mind to think of another plan. One offer came to me to attend a party and a couple of offers for a night of fine dining and sex crimes to be perpetrated on the willing women. As I mulled my options, my best friend texts me saying how next year we need to return to Thailand and enjoy NYE in Koh Samui next year.

With that in perspective, I found it hard to get excited about spending a night blowing money on cab fare, alcohol and what not and the thought of waiting for cabs led me to a decision.

I would spend NYE reflecting on what I wanted to accomplish for the next year.

Don’t call it a resolution list or a goal list. Call it an action list.

A few days earlier, I had sat down and wrote out in longhand my action list for 2014. These are actions that I know that when I’ve finished accomplishing them, will improve me physically, mentally, creatively and spiritually. I will be richer financially, richer as a human being and creatively fulfilled.

These 22 items I wrote down are scalable and actionable strategies that I will incorporate daily. Having the list at my bedside forces me to read the list every day I wake.

As I sat there with my Bulleit bourbon, I took a moment to read each item and close my eyes and imagine myself doing the tasks. I imagined what it would take to do the small easy steps that would culminate in massive movement. As the clock hit midnight, I reflected on the journey I have made in the last 18 months. Good progress but I knew more can be made. Texts rolled in from friends wishing good tidings for the new year and I wondered how many others had done the same thing-actually reflecting and writing out their actions for the new year. Probably not many. I know last NYE I woke up from a party in the blazing sun at 8 am, hung over, dehydrated with my nose stuffed up from Bolivian marching powder and dreading the cab ride home.

I was glad I made a different choice this year. My hope for other writers in the manosphere is that they will also look inside and write about actionable choices MGTOW can make. This year I saw a trend of easy targets to harp on and it became a bit self indulgent. I myself had to wrestle with the urge to point out that the Emperor has no clothes. (the “Emperor” being politicians, neo-feminists, liberals, mass media, celebrities and the majority of people who’d rather coast on easy street than to charge up the mountain of self actualization)

I hope more examples of people actually bucking the trend are put into the light. I want to see more written about how others have broken away from the mental matrix and enhanced their lives. Yes, life is good with no debt, money in the pocket and the smell of fresh banged pussy on your cock but there is also more. While these things represent the bricks to life (amongst other things), there is also the mortar between the bricks- the seemingly unimportant stuff that strengthens over time and supports the wall.

Make it count.

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