The purpose of this site is to give men- single, divorced, fresh out of college or starting over again in the second chapter of their lives, whomever- a guideline to reclaim their masculinity that has been taken hostage by feminists, liberalism, the socialist/mother state, and PC-mass media.

The physical and mental skill sets a man should possess, the traits a man should aspire to have, the ability to think for himself instead of cowing to the herd mentality so often exhibited in culture, the ability to see beyond what’s being taught to you by the power elite  as fact, ritual or acceptable and to maintain the right to choose otherwise if it suits you better- these are the things I want to share.

Most everything men have been taught to believe in and to comply with is bullshit. Men have been robbed, castigated and bullied into believing that if they sell their soul for material possessions, power, marriage, children, higher education, investment in the markets, paying excessive taxes and keeping their mouths shut, they will be happy.

When I turned the big 4-0, I decided to share my observations, real life experience, tips from others I respected who walked the walk, and my mistakes with like minded people seeking another option.

I haven’t been married but I have been in long term relationships-some great for a while, others doomed from the start.I don’t intend to have children. If I did have a son, this is what I would pass on to him.

I’ve had long time friends who have married multiple times, fathered several children ( some with multiple women) who carry enormous debt, are unhappy and have simply given up.

I’ve been in debt as well; bankrupted and broken. I’ve had my heart crushed by false love. I’ve had an extremely successful life in my chosen field of work. I’ve made some of the same mistakes others have. I’ve been around the block a few times. I’ve seen some shit; I’ve done some shit. But I’ve always observed people from an early age, studying their actions and the paradigms they accepted as true and tried to find another way that worked for who I was.

Opinions are like assholes- everyone has one. That goes for my opinions as well. If  I can offer something to you that eliminates repeatedly making the same mistakes, it may be of value to you.  Like a wise man once said, “Take what works for you and get rid of the rest.”

You only have one life on this planet. You might as well enjoy it and be happy.




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  1. Hey I need sum advice I’m 24years old and my name is Rebecca. I have been sleeping with a married man for 4 years 5 next September. He is the love of my life. He is a lot older than me he is 49. But I feel so much for him it’s unreal. Is been so long since we got together. I’m scared he will never want me enough to properly be with me. I watched Torn by New sensation the other night and what Steven said at the end “the best things in life don’t always fall in to place perfectly, but if they’re meant to be they will fall in to place somehow”. I couldn’t help thinking since I watched that film. Maybe me and him aren’t meant to be. But if I let go now I’ll lose him for and I’ll never know if what we had could have worked properly if I had waited and few more weeks. What do I do. Please don’t hate about the age difference. (Yes I know he is old enough to be my dad. But age is just a number when your in love with someone) sorry if my spelling and grammar is all wrong I’m writing this late at night because I need answers. Please help me

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