A woman’s rationalization rears its pretty head

Watch this video of a model who worked for Victoria Secret who gave up her job for religious reasons.

This is a good example of a woman who rationalized her behavior. Let’s examine this interview and see if this was a logical decision or one based on outside influences.

She’s obviously pretty. She appears leggy so that was probably one of the reasons she was chosen to do runway. She says she did lingerie modeling. I guess she didn’t want to do non-lingerie work. She could have done many other kinds of modeling.

She claims God changed her heart by showing her different things about the industry that were bad but fails to be specific about what these things were.

She claims her cousin was thinking that eating and throwing up her food was the answer to being thin like she was. Instead of educating her cousin on the importance of healthy eating practices, she chose to quit modeling altogether? How does this change her cousin’s views?

She claims that she was being seen in her lingerie by millions of men instead of only her husband. What if she were to wear a bathing suit at the beach? She fails again to explain why this has anything to do with her religious beliefs.

She got married before her competition. Once she got married, her outlook changed. But I thought she said God changed her heart?

She claims some girls think she is crazy. I think it was more they thought she was being irrational.

Beta husband

Beta husband

Look at her husband. He’s sloppy, unkempt and overweight. My guess is that while he was attracted to her before because of her looks and the fact she modeled was something for him to brag about to his friends, once he got her locked into a marriage, “you’re mine, now” was his attitude. I’m sure there were elders at her church that convinced her that her role as a wife didn’t include her making her own money or parading around in lingerie.

So instead of changing the type of jobs she went out on, educating her cousin about how eating properly was important to looking good and asking her husband to clean up his act, she chose to quit a lucrative job where she earned her own money.

In a few years, she will miss the attention she got as she realizes her looks are starting to fade and she gains weight by being a housewife to this insecure man and she will resent having made the decision to quit. She will of course remind everyone she used to be a model but quit for no sound reason.


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