12 Actions for 2016 that will better your life

Annet Mahendru

Hope your holidays were good and no one has an arraignment coming up in Feb for indecent exposure. Let’s get to it.


Eliminate oils-    There is no other thing that you can do this year that will bring about major changes in your life than eliminating vegetable oils out of the foods you eat.  As I’ve written earlier heart disease and arterial inflammation have skyrocketed since the addition of seed oils into the public food chain. It is prevalent EVERYWHERE, even in foods you may think on the outset are healthy. I recently bought a can of Amy’s Organic Soups at Whole Foods, not thinking of reading the label. Low sodium, organic, non-BPA lining, no GMO’s, etc…what could go wrong. Right choice? Nope. Looking at the label revealed it had  safflower and sunflower oil in addition to wheat. So, a can of fucking soup couldn’t even be gluten free!  Get educated and grab a copy of Toxic Oil on Amazon.

Silence-   Everyday brings an onslaught of data, noise, sound, words-inconsequential little bits of infotainment you do not need in your life. Make it a habit to turn off your WiFi on your devices for an hour a day. If you need to check on current events, do it in the morning as opposed to the night. That way you won’t have the negative news swimming in your head as you try to fall asleep. In fact, batch you social media exploring to one day a week for an hour. Trust me, you won’t miss a damn thing that was vital. Get all your SM and YouTube entertainment in that hour. It will force you to be really frugal with what you actually spend time watching/reading.


Eliminate grains– There is sufficient evidence within science that proves  a large portion of the world’s population do not do well with grains. It manifests itself in different ways among different people but know that you will lose belly bloat, be more efficient at burning body fat, ease joint pain and reduce cholesterol and your breath will smell better. Some rice won’t kill you but be mindful of how your body reacts if it is indeed not suited for grains.


Time under tension– The biggest time waster in the gym is rapid fire reps. Do ten reps of feet raised pushups the way you normally would. You’re done in 10-13 seconds. Now, do that same movement and same set, taking 5 seconds on the positive contraction with a one second hold at peak and then 5 seconds on the negative motion. You should be on fire, breathing a bit and shaking like a little school girl at the end of the set. Guess what? Those same muscles were under tension for a minute as opposed to just 12 seconds as performed the way you normally do them. See the point here? You lessen the chance of injury, strengthen the ligaments and tendons properly, increase strength and make the nervous system find new ways to handle the work. All these things will revitalize you. And you’ll look great after a couple months of doing this.


No plastics– Aim to throw away any plastic utensils, food containers in the house. Anything you buy that has food in it should come in the form of a carton, glass or nothing at all. And no plastic bottles of water. Either buy glass bottled water or just drink tap water out from you sink. For food storage, you can find oven safe glass ware to store food in. Pyrex is one brand.


Read/Listen more– One of the great tools the net has provided is the ability to read enormous amounts of good books via E readers and listen to podcasts. Podcasts for me are the new radio/TV and I prefer to listen to them in the morning. Hearing educated people share ideas, using language that is precise and inspiring and learning about what drives others is a good way to loosen up the head especially if you write or are creative in some other endeavor. I also highly recommend iTunes U. You can learn just about anything that is taught in universities in the United States and around the world. I listened to a  course taught from Yale regarding the history of France from 1880’s to WWII while I was in the process of moving there. It helped immensely in understanding the country I would make my home for three years. I also recommend London Real and Tim Ferris podcasts as a great way to be introduced to people making things happen today in culture and business.


Eat more live foods– There are no two ways about it, eating more plants is always good. You will piss more, which is your body’s way of telling you it’s consuming the fat you have stored instead of trying to break down meat and processed food as you give it live foods for the cells to do their best work. Salad at lunch, salad at dinner never made anyone fat or dead.


Heart Rate training– Simply put, you should be taxing your body to the point of elevated heart rate through a series of intervals. Get it up to 80% of your maximum heart rate capacity and then active rest until it drops below 55%. Do it again. Do it 12 more times. Buy a heart rate monitor. Stop fucking around. Do the work.


Get outside more– Rain and colder weather drives us indoors during the winter months. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the outdoors when the weather permits it. Hiking, long walks, bike rides, pick up football allow you to be in an environment our bodies are tuned for. Vitamin D from sunlight and fresh air are ‘good for feeling good’ and will get your mind working out many conflicts you may be experiencing or problems you’re facing. And leave the earbuds at home. Listen to nature. It’s better than the TV.


Stretch/Movement– Unless you are a professional Cirque du Soleil performer, you are not stretching enough. You are not moving enough. Ido Portal has an incredible insight on how the lack of movement actually hurts us and why we are designed to move and should move more. Search him on YouTube and check out his episode interview on The London Real podcast. If you caught the Conor McGregor knockout of Aldo, you will see a man who recently trained with Ido on movement. You can search his session on the net.


Followup– Many. many times we have good, great and even outrageously positive intentions that, while in the moment, seem to be something that is so powerful, that we think, ‘How could I not do this?’. Sadly, we let others control our time and attention and we also are too soft. We don’t push ourselves. So. make it a point to followup on everything you say you will- make that call, send that email or text, do the research on something you want to achieve. Write in down on several PostIt notes and place around the house. Hold yourself accountable.


No fear– I was in a museum in Baltimore last week going through the Byzantine room. As I read the wall plaque explaining what was going on politically, religiously and in trade, what people were immigrating to Turkey in order to find work and do business, I realized that this empire that lasted close to a thousand years had the same turbulent times we live in today. Yet life went on as it did and now, here we are in the 21st century. It became clear to me that no matter what the news tells you, what you may think will happen politically or in the marketplace or socially doesn’t even fucking matter. What will be will be, because history shows patterns and cycles that repeat themselves. So, don’t fear anything. Don’t fear terrorism, war, famine or losing money, losing loved ones, losing possessions, losing jobs or even death. If you fear death, it means that you haven’t finished your journey yet and done the things your inner self knows it needs to do. So stop fucking around and get it done. Do the work.


I leave you with (who I think is) the cutest girl and hottest mouth on TV- Annet Mahendru from The Americans.

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